Papers of the Reverend William Douglas [manuscript], 1716-1862 (bulk 1751-1862).


Douglas, William, 1708-1798. Papers of the Reverend William Douglas [manuscript], 1716-1862 (bulk 1751-1862).

Papers of the Reverend William Douglas [manuscript], 1716-1862 (bulk 1751-1862).

Papers of Douglas, his daughter Margaret Douglas Meriwether Terrell, her son Charles Meriwether and their extended family contain correspondence and legal papers. Letters of Douglas to his daughter are chiefly concerned with a Goochland Parish judgment against him for repairs to Goochland Glebe. Other letters from family and friends convey personal news and mention local events in Scotland and Virginia. His legal papers include his will, 1775; that of Janet Douglass, 1716; a deed, 1791, to his grandchildren for his library; and papers pertaining to the Goochland judgment. Papers of his daughter and grandson contain letters of Charles Meriwether re his travels and medical studies in Scotland, 1789-1792; and letters of relative Robert W. Lewis, 1803-1805, describing life in Jefferson County, Ky. Of interest are a letter, 1832, re slave purchases, a letter from Edmund Ruffin re the "Farmers Register," and a letter from Robert E. Lee re shoeing a horse. Family legal papers contain a statement of a dispute between Francis [Walker?] Gilmer and Charles Everett, a petition proposing a Charlottesville deaf and dumb asylum and a map showing Confederate positions after 1st Bull Run. There is also a "Song, composed for the 4th of July and Sung at the Barbacue held by the Gentlemen of Charlottesville in Honour of the Anniversary of American Independance."

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