Papers of Richard Kidder Randolph [manuscript], 1791-1932 bulk 1812-1860.


Papers of Richard Kidder Randolph [manuscript], 1791-1932 bulk 1812-1860.

The collection consists of correspondence, business and legal papers, and genealogical records of the Randolph, Daniel Lyman and Lake families. Correspondence of Richard Kidder Randolph, a Virginian relocated in Rhode Island, and his wife Anne Maria Lyman Randolph constitutes the bulk of the collection. Letters of the Randolphs, their children and relatives discuss family news, daily life in Rhode Island and Virginia in the first half of the 19th century, and Rhode Island and Virginia politics. Subjects include slavery and abolitionists; the Dorr Rebellion, 1842; John Randolph of Roanoke; the Embargo; the settlement of Quincy, Illinois; life as a midshipman in the U.S. Navy; and whaling in the South Pacific. Topics of interest discussed briefly include William Ellery Channing; Commodore John Rodgers; Mormons in Illinois; the Whig party; an 1841 divorce case; 19th century travel by sleigh, steamboat and stagecoach; the War of 1812; a Rhode Island hurricane, 1815; the naval academy at Norwich, Vermont; Key West, Florida; manufacturing and mining in Rhode Island; studies at West Point and Harvard; an 1874 fire in Central City, Colorado; and Gibraltar in 1839. With these are miscellaneous business and legal papers including an 1869 petition to the U.S. Attorney General in behalf of an illegal distiller; genealogical records; receipts; photographs and miscellany particularly 1864 presidential election tickets. The collection also contains photostats of letters between Richard Kidder Randolph and John Randolph of Roanoke, William Henry Harrison, Martin Van Buren, and Andrew Jackson.

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