Series 3. Inter-organizational files, 1957-1971.


Series 3. Inter-organizational files, 1957-1971.

Consist chiefly of correspondence of Joseph Mire with the faculty of universities and executives and staff of foundations, international labor agencies, unions, and federal government agencies regarding proposals, planning and implementation of various National Institute of Labor Education (NILE) projects in workers' education. University correspondence includes correspondence of John Glynn (acting director, University of Connecticut Labor Education Center) Alice H. Cook, Lois S. Gray, Maurice F. Neufeld (professors) and David G. Moore (dean) of the New York State School of Industrial and Labor Relations; Samuel H. Mitchell (director of union research and education projects, University of Illinois); Walter H. Uphoff (director of labor education programs, University of Minnesota); Fred K. Hoehler (associate director) and Hy Kornbluh (director of Labor Education Services) of the University of Michigan Institute of Labor and Industrial Relations); Andrew J. Wann (director of Labor Education and Research Services, Ohio State University); Leonard Breen (associate professor of sociology, Purdue University); and Wayne A.R. Leys (dean of Graduate Division), Frank McCallister (director of Labor Education Division), and Agnes Douty (assistant director of labor education), Roosevelt University.). Also includes Irvine L.H. Kerrison (acting director) and Herbert A. Levine (associate extension specialist) at Rutgers University Institute of Management and Labor Relations; Robert Farley (director of Extramural Studies, University of the West Indies); James L. Stern (professor of economics), and Anthony Luchek and Jack Barbash (professors of economics and labor education) at the University of Wisconsin. Other correspondents include various faculty and administrators at the University of California at Berkeley and Los Angeles, Colorado University, the University of Chicago, the University of Illinois, the University of Iowa, the University of Massachusetts and Pennsylvania State University. The correspondence concerns international workers' education; union leadership; grant proposals; residential study institutes for workers' education; comparative labor movements; reorganization of NILE; unions and public interest; preretirement education; mental health projects; automation and urbanization; the teaching of ethics and moral standards; adult education; civil rights; undergraduate curricula in workers' education and labor studies; developing education services with the labor movement in a metropolitan industrial center; women's education; the Youth Employment Program; blue collar worker participation in adult education; union research and education projects; and technological change and human values. Ford Foundation files pertain to the relationships and activities of NILE and the Ford Foundation Fund for Adult Education (FAE). These include proposals for grants and financial assistance; copies of NILE publications; financial statements; news releases and reports of FAE and NILE; and memoranda and correspondence of Mire with Robert J. Blakeley (vice president), C. Scott Fletcher (president) and Neil Chamberlain (director) of FAE concerning proposals and reports of NILE projects in worker participation in local and state government affairs; community participation; training for union leadership; a clearinghouse on workers' education; code of ethics and moral standards; urbanization; residential study institutes; evaluation and development of labor's interest in foreign affairs; and long-term non-residential study institutes in trade-union leadership. Correspondence with foundations, workers' education and research organizations includes that of the following individuals: Eleanor Coit (executive director, American Labor Education Service); Malcolm S. Knowles (executive director, Adult Education Association); Florence Anderson (secretary, Carnegie Foundation); Paul Jacobs (staff administrator, Fund for the Republic); Vernon Eagle (executive director, New World Foundation); and the administrators and staff of the Center for the Study of Liberal Education for Adults; the Citizens' Crusade Against Poverty; the Community Welfare Council; the Continuing Committee on Urban Life; the Danforth Foundation; the Field Foundation; the Friederich Ebert Foundation; the Fundamental Education Readership; the Hill Family Foundation; the Rockefeller Foundation; the Self-Help Upper Ohio Foundation; the Stern Foundation; and the World Affairs Center. Correspondence concerns conferences in workers' education; applications and proposals regarding grants for workers' education projects; residential workers' education study institutes; Fulbright scholarships; international workers' education programs; automation and adult education; NILE publications; civil rights; civil liberties; urbanization and labor; scholarships; inter-group relations; financial assistance to foreign students; the Youth Employment Program; and the Southern Staff Training Institute. Correspondence from international labor agencies includes that of Kenneth Holland (president, Institute of International Education); Walter Galenson (professor, University of California, Institute of Industrial Relations); Serafino Romualdi (executive director, American Institute for Free Labor Development); Ralph H. Bergmann (chief of Automation Unit, International Labor Office); Peter Strong (director, American Scandinavian Foundation); Hans Gottfurcht (assistant general secretary, International Confederation of Free Trade Unions); and executives and staff of the International Federation of Workers' Educational Associations; the Afro-American Labor Center; the Canadian Labour Congress; the Austrian Training Program; the Foreign Policy Association; and the Pan American Union. The correspondence concerns the establishment of a central organization for the promotion of workers' education; programs in international workers' education; technological change and automation; occupational training of African students; participation of NILE in various conferences in international workers' education; international workers and trade-union exchange programs; training programs for Latin American trade-unionists; a proposal for operational research evaluation and development of labor's understanding and participation in international affairs; education for public responsibility; and adult education programs. Union correspondents include executives of the AFL-CIO: Lawrence M. Rogin (director of education); Russell Allen (director of education, Industrial Union Department); George Meany (president); John W. Conners (director of education); and Jack Barbash (director of research and education). Correspondence regards joint NILE-AFL-CIO programs and activities; vocational training for the Peace Corps; Fulbright scholarships; grant proposals; the exchange of international labor leaders; automation and workers' education; union-sponsored programs in basic adult education; farm workers' education; a field project in mental health; industrial health; AFL-CIO summer schools for workers; equal opportunity in higher education; and cooperation between unions and universities. Also includes correspondence between Mire and the staff of the American Federation of Teachers, Local 189, the United Steelworkers of America, the International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union, the International Association of Machinists and the United Automobile Workers concerning international labor education, labor's public responsibility, and the summer internship program for labor leaders. U.S. government agency files include correspondence and memoranda exchanged between Mire and the staff of various federal government agencies, including the National Science Foundation, the Office of Economic Opportunity, the Peace Corps, the International Cooperation Administration, and the Agency for International Development. The correspondence discusses scientific activities of non-profit institutions; a summer institute for improving the teaching of labor economics in colleges; experimental union-sponsored youth service programs; proposals for research in international workers' education projects; residential study institutes; the international trade-union education program; and the exchange of international scholars and trade-union leaders.

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