Harden Taylor oral history, 1965.


Harden Taylor oral history, 1965.

In this interview, Harden F. Taylor discusses his personal history and observations of the frozen fish industry in the United States. Topics include; his student experiences; observations as a high school teacher; experiences with the Bureau of Fisheries and with the Atlantic Coast Fisheries Company, including the role of science in improving freezing technology and the importance of the Ottesen patent in early freezing experiments; observations of Clarence Birdseye and the purchase of Birdseye's company by the Postum Company, Inc. and Goldman, Sachs and Co.; experiments to improve the equipment used to freeze fish and the packaging and quality of the frozen product; observations of conducting business with Germany in 1938; processing halibut oil.

101 p. of transcript, 12 p. of appendix.


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Cornell University Library

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