Gould family papers, 1830-1983.


Gould family. Gould family papers, 1830-1983.

Gould family papers, 1830-1983.

The collection consists of family papers from the Gould, Fay, and Ober families, 1830-1983. The primary focus is Seattle architect Carl Freylinghuysen Gould and his wife, Dorothy Fay Gould. Carl F. Gould's professional architectural papers include project files, correspondence, notes, specifications, financial records, and related material from his architectural practice, 1908-1938. Carl F. Gould's personal papers include correspondence with family and others, speeches and writings, diaries, notes, sketchbooks, minutes, reports, ephemera, clippings, publications, and other materials concerning his teaching career at the University of Washington and other professional and civic activities, including his association with the American Institute of Architects (both the national organization and the Washington branch), the Washington chapter of the Construction League of the United States, the Seattle Planning Commission, the Oregon Capitol Reconstruction Commission, the Art Institute of Seattle, and the Seattle Fine Arts Society. Dorothy Fay Gould's papers include family and personal correspondence, speeches and writings, diaries, subject files, publications, ephemera, Archives of American Architecture materials, audiocassette tapes of oral histories conducted by her son, Carl Gould, Jr, and clippings, 1905-1975, regarding her family, her research and speaking engagements, and her club activities. Other family members represented in the collection include Alice Isabel Ober Fay, John Purinton Fay, Temple Fay, Annie Westbrook Gould, and Charles Judson Gould. Major correspondents include Muriel (Gould) York and Paul M. Gustin.

41.25 cubic feet, including 10 sound cassettes and 1 sound wire reel (43 boxes and 1 tube)

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Gould, Charles J. (Charles Judson)

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American Institute of Architects

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The Western Association of Architects (WAA) was founded in Chicago in 1884 as a rival organization of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). Members consisted of architects from the Midwest and the South with chapters forming in many states. The WAA was the first architectural organization to petition for licensure of architects. Many architects were members of both WAA and AIA and a decision was made in 1889 for WAA to merge with AIA. From the guide to the Papers of the Western...

Seattle Planning Commission

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The City Planning Commission was created in 1924 to prepare plans and gather data for urban planning and the physical development of Seattle, to advise City Council on current problems and long range planning, and to participate in administration and revision of the city's zoning ordinance. The Planning Commission initially was comprised of twenty-five members, but in 1930, membership was nine. Prior to 1946, funding for the Commission came from the Engineering Dept. A City Charter amendment in ...

Construction League of the United States. Washington Chapter.

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York, Muriel Gould.

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Hauberg, Anne Gould

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Gustin, Paul Morgan (American painter 1886-1974)

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Gould, Dorothy Fay

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Fay, Alice Isabel.

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Gould, Annie Laurie Westbrook.

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Gould, Carl Freylinghuysen, 1873-1939

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Gould family.

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The Gould Family Papers center around Carl Freylinghuysen Gould and Dorothy Fay Gould. Carl Gould was a prominent Seattle architect and the founder of the University of Washington's Department of Architecture. Gould designed the Seattle Asian Art Museum (previously the Seattle Art Museum), the Marine Hospital (now the headquarters of Amazon.com), and over 20 buildings on the University of Washington campus, among other notable structures around the Puget Sound area. His parents, Charles Judson G...

Seattle Garden Club (Seattle, Wash.)

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Art Institute of Seattle

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Oregon. State Capitol Reconstruction Commission

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The Capitol Reconstruction Commission was established in 1935 for the purpose of planning the construction of a new captiol building in Salem, Oregon to replace the one that burned in 1935. From the guide to the State Capitol Reconstruction Commission records, 1935-1937, (Oregon Historical Society Research Library) The Capitol Reconstruction Commission was established in 1935 for the purpose of planning the construction of a new captiol building in Salem, Oregon...

Fay, Temple H. (Temple Howard)

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Gould, Carl F., 1916-1992

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Fay, Jean Bradford.

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Seattle Fine Arts Society

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University of Washington. Dept. of Architecture.

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American Institute of Architects. Washington State Chapter

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Fay, John P. (John Purinton), 1861-1930.

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