Stewart Mitchell collection [photostats], 1628-1930.


Mitchell, Stewart,. Stewart Mitchell collection [photostats], 1628-1930.

Stewart Mitchell collection [photostats], 1628-1930.

Photostats collected by historian Stewart Mitchell concerning the first Massachusetts charter and other events in early Massachusetts history. The documents include all stages of development of the Royal Charter, including copies of the King's Bill, Writ of Privy Seal, etc., and copies of all official and early manuscript copies by John Winthrop and John Endecott. Also includes copies of documents concerning the settlement of Massachusetts Bay by the Massachusetts Bay Company, extracts from John Winthrop's journal, 1630 and Francis Higginson's writings; copies of the Royal seal and early seals of the Massachusetts Bay and Plymouth Colonies; documents concerning the sale of Indian captives; Revolutionary war journals of Ezra Tilden and copies of annotated almanacs. Also includes documents written or signed by John F. Eliot, John Leverett, and King Charles I. The photostats were collected for the publication of The Founding of Massachusetts: a selection from the sources of the history of the settlement, 1628-31 in the proceedings of the Massachusetts Historical Society. Also includes a line by line listing of variations in the texts of the Royal Charter, by Julia Crouse.

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