Bullitt family papers - Oxmoor collection, 1683-2003.


Bullitt family. Bullitt family papers - Oxmoor collection, 1683-2003.

Bullitt family papers - Oxmoor collection, 1683-2003.

Papers of an early Louisville family that settled in the area in 1783. The collection centers around Alexander Scott Bullitt (1762-1816) and his descendants William C. Bullitt (1793-1877), John C. Bullitt (1824-1902), Thomas W. Bullitt (1838-1910), William Marshall Bullitt (1873-1957), and Thomas W. Bullitt (1914-1991). Their papers reflect their life on the Bullitt estate Oxmoor, their legal careers, as well as their participation in politics, the military and national events. In addition to the papers of the above individuals there are papers re: earlier ancestors, as well as collateral families, such as the Breckinridge, Christian, Fry, Iasigi, Logan, Marshall, Speed, Walker, and Wallace families. William Marshall Bullitt compiled this collection of his ancestors and there are numerous folders concerning genealogy, as well as information on the Bullitt family residence Oxmoor, the Oxmoor steeplechase, and Citizen's Fidelity Bank, which the family was instrumental in establishing. Of particular interest are the letters and papers of William and Annie Henry Christian dated 1764-1790. Their papers give insight into the life of Kentucky pioneers, the early salt industry, and Christian's service in the Virginia militia. Their daughter Priscilla married Alexander Bullitt. The papers of Alexander Bullitt dated 1782-1816 include information on his acquisition of Oxmoor, farming, and his participation in the 1792 and 1799 state constitutional conventions. William C. Bullitt's papers dated 1814-1872 include correspondence, legal papers, receipts, and land papers re: his plantations Oxmoor and Cottonwood. John C. Bullitt's papers include numerous letters, primarily from his mother Mildred and his sisters, dated 1838-1851. These letters provide descriptions of antebellum Louisville and details about everyday life on a plantation in Kentucky including the lives of enslaved African Americans. These letters also included references to presidential elections, local politics, society, and the Mexican War. Also of interest are the Civil War letters and narratives of Thomas W. Bullitt, James B. Bullitt, and Henry M. Bullitt. The three brothers served under John Hunt Morgan during the war. Thomas W. Bullitt's papers dated 1919-1991 include information re: his experiences during World War II. This collection includes materials concerning every era of American history, from the colonial era to the Vietnam Conflict. See collection's finding aid for additional information.

164 cubic feet.

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Christian, Annie Henry, ca. 1744-1790.

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