Emile de Antonio papers, 1868-1990 (bulk 1950s-1980s).


De Antonio, Emile. Emile de Antonio papers, 1868-1990 (bulk 1950s-1980s).

Emile de Antonio papers, 1868-1990 (bulk 1950s-1980s).

Papers, mainly 1950s-1980s, of Emile de Antonio (1919-1989), a documentary filmmaker whose work has been characterized by critical exploration of themes in contemporary politics and society. Included are biographical information, correspondence, and extensive files on films produced or considered for production. Although present in varying completeness, the documentation is excellent for "America Is Hard to See" (1970), a study of Eugene J. McCarthy's bid for the presidency in 1968; "In the King of Prussia" (1982), an account of the trial of members of the Plowshares Eight; "In the Year of the Pig" (1968), a historical view of the Vietnam War; "Millhouse: A White Comedy" (1971), a political biography of Richard M. Nixon; "Painters Painting" (1972), a study of contemporary American art and artists; "Point of Order" (1964), a study of the Army-McCarthy hearings; "Rush to Judgment" (1966), an investigation of the Warren Commission findings; and "Underground" (1976), interviews with fugitive members of the radical Weather Underground organization. Unproduced films include similar documentation of lesser extent. Of note are materials on Bertrand Russell, an interview with Frank Lloyd Wright by Mike Wallace, work on the lives of the Kennedy brothers, and an early chapter draft of Frances Fitzgerald's best selling book on Vietnam, "Fire in the Lake." The collection includes correspondence with Catholic peace activists Daniel and Philip Berrigan; filmmakers Haskell Wexler, Mary Lampson, and Glenn Silber; writers Mitch Tuchman and Peter von Bagh; artist Kazuko Oshima; and New Yorker Films head Daniel Talbot. Also present are transcripts of interviews with actor Martin Sheen, artist Frank Stella, former FBI agent Wesley Swearingen, former CIA agent Philip Agee, and art world figures featured in the film "Painters Painting." The remainder of the papers is comprised of personal and business correspondence; biographical clippings and articles; family papers; and a small group of files relating to various film and art societies and political organizations with which de Antonio was involved. Films include four of de Antonio's works and an additional 249 cans of negatives and trims. The processed portion of this collection is summarized above, dates 1868-1984, and is described in the register. Additional accessions date to 1990 and are described below.

33.1 c.f. (80 archives boxes, 2 card file boxes, 1 flat box, 1 oversize folder),1 videorecording,44 films,480 tape recordings, and1 reel of microfilm (35 mm); plusadditions of 75.9 c.f.,2 disc recordings,199 films,84 videos,approx. 10.0 c.f. of film, videos, photograph, transparencies and negatives,9 posters, and1 diploma.

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