Marguerite Yourcenar additional papers, 1842-1996 (inclusive), 1903-1987 (bulk).


Yourcenar, Marguerite. Marguerite Yourcenar additional papers, 1842-1996 (inclusive), 1903-1987 (bulk).

Marguerite Yourcenar additional papers, 1842-1996 (inclusive), 1903-1987 (bulk).

Yourcenar's compositions are arranged alphabeticaly by title and include: holograph manuscripts, clippings, commonplace books, diaries, galley proofs, lists of corrections for various editions, miscellany, notebooks of sources, notes, page proofs, photographs, printed materials, sketches, translations, travel journals, and video tapes. Material is heavily annotated by Yourcenar and Frick. Biographical material is arranged by topic (as determined by Yourcenar and Frick) and includes clippings, correspondence, documents, Grace Frick estate papers, financial papers, biographical miscellany, and resumes. Photographs and negatives include both people and places and many were used in her published work. There are photographs of art works that relate to Yourcenar's family history. Compositions of others are arranged by author; most material is about Yourcenar and some contains her annotations. Of particular note are: Grace Frick's appointment books (1944-1978) which are daily accounts of activities of Frick and Yourcenar; Histoire sainte ... by Gabrielle de Cleenewerck de Crayencour, a notebook from ca. 1860 that was later used by Yourcenar; and Poèmes copiés par Michel by Michel de Cleenewerck de Crayencour, her father's notebook later used by Yourcenar; and materials relating to the film, Le coup de grâce by Volker Schlöndorff (including photographs). Correspondence of MY is with friends, family and colleagues, including Grace Frick; Special correspondence file groupings were created by MY and include sections on Gallimard (Firm), Illustrations, and Litigation (especially for law suits about Les chartités d'Alcippe, Electre, Mémoires d'Hadrien, and Patrick de Rosbo's Entretiens radiophoniques avec MY). All letters are heavily annotated by Yourcenar and Frick. The incoming correspondence is extensive; there is a smaller quantity of her outgoing letters. Some of the major correspondents are: Natalie Clifford Barney, Yvon Bernier, Louise de Borchgrave, Bowdoin College, Jeanne Carayon, Georges de Crayencour, Hortense Flexner, Wilhelm Gans, Donald Harris, Harvard University, Jean Lambert, Charles Orengo, Anne Quellennec, Patrik de Rosbo, Smith College, Stock (Firm), Egon de Vietinghoff, Jerry Wilson, Gian Franco Zaffrani.

144 boxes and 53 vols. (52 linear ft.)



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Borchgrave, Louise de. (person)

Wilson, Jerry R., 1944-2005 (person)

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