Correspondence, 1846 Nov. 17-1942 Jan. 28 (bulk 1898-1914).


Correspondence, 1846 Nov. 17-1942 Jan. 28 (bulk 1898-1914).

The collection consists of handwritten and typewritten letters (some carbon copies) primarily between John James Audubon's granddaughters Maria R. Audubon and Mary Eliza Audubon, and ornithologists and directors of the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH). The earliest item is an 1846 letter from Thomas Lincoln to J.J. Audubon answering questions on North American mammals, with a reprint of a 1924 article (Journal of mammalogy vol. 5, no. 4) by George Bird Grinnell describing and discussing the letter. The article includes the complete text of the letter.

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