Norvin Green Papers, 1802-1892.


Green, Norvin, 1818-1893. Norvin Green Papers, 1802-1892.

Norvin Green Papers, 1802-1892.

Green's papers include correspondence, letterpress books, accounts, and tax receipts, 1840-1877; accounts for medical services, 1842-1851; bills; notebooks; and an address before a medical society. Correspondence, 1839-1877, includes Green's correspondence as secretary and later president of the New Orleans and Ohio Telegraph Lessees, with Amos Kendall and officers of the American Telegraph Company; and correspondence about the Louisville, Cincinnati, and Lexington Railroad and the Michigan, Southern and Northern Indiana Railroad Company. Letterpress books, 1873-1892, contain Green's letters as president of the Montreal and European Short Line Railway Company, the New York, Mahoning and Western Railroad Company, and the United Claims Mining Company. Other papers include steamboat lading bills, 1853-1868; bills for tuition, 1850-1866, of Green's sons James, Pinckney, John, and Warren, including Pinckney's bills, 1865-1866, while a student at the University of Heidelberg, Germany; Green's papers, 1849-1850, as commissioner of public schools for Henry County, Ky.; papers, 1847-1864, relating to slavery; papers, 1802-1857, relating to lands in Kentucky and Jasper County, Indiana; papers, 1833-1846, of Green's father, Joseph Green, and of his daughter Susan Thornton Green, 1849-1880; letters, 1885, to his son, Warren Green, from Japanese officials and consuls of various countries on his appointment as U.S. Consul General to Japan; and a report, 1885, of Warren Green to the U.S. Dept. of State on Japanese tobacco. Correspondents include C.C. Baldwin, James G. Blaine, John G. Carlisle, Thomas A. Edison, Cyrus W. Field, Jay Gould, Abram S. Hewitt, H.H. Honore, Collis P. Huntington, Lazarus W. Powell, Hiram Sibley, Joshua F. Speed, John W. Stevenson, William H. Vanderbilt, and James B. Wilder.

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