Papers, 1953-2000.


Papers, 1953-2000.

This collection includes two major series, which are the records of the Center for the Cognitive Therapy, of which Beck has been the founder and Director, and the material, in the forms of notes, papers and manuscripts, of all research done by Beck and his associates. Other smaller series are: Awards and honors, Clippings, Correspondence, Department of Psychiatry (of the Penn School of Medicine), Foreign Connections, Meeting Files, Recommendations and Requests. In addition to the above manuscript series, there is a series of tapes and transcripts of Audio and Visual Tapes. The series of the Center for the Cognitive Therapy documents all important aspects of this Center's activities embracing therapy, training, and research. Represented in this series are records of various training programs and workshops sponsored by the Center; files of research, grants, and publishing grouped by subject; royalties; Mood Clinic correspondence and therapist report; evaluation material either by supervisees or supervisors; records of internship and post-doctoral fellowship recruitment; grant proposals by individual staff members or associates on various topics; questionnaire for schools on child abuse of a project named PACE (meaning "Preventing Abuse through Community Education"); and copy of outgoing research correspondence dating from 1968 to 1997. This series also includes correspondence and administrative files, among them a correspondence file from 1971 to 2000 grouped either chronologically or alphabetically, correspondence with various psychiatric and psychological institutions, intramural links within the University of Pennsylvania, correspondence with foreign connections (under Foreign correspondence), staff memos, mails drafted for Beck, files of individual associates by name, and files of speaking arrangements. This series also includes a few separately-listed sub-series, which are Financial; Journal/publishing; Meeting files. The other big series of this collection is named the "Research--notes, papers and manuscripts" series. It includes research files in all forms listed by subject or project titles. Notable subjects include: anxiety, Beck Depression Inventory, the book project of Prisoners of Hate: The Cognitive Basis of Anger, Hostility, and Violence (typescript), Cognitive approaches to depression, stress, suicide, etc., the book project of Cognitive Therapy and the Emotional Disorders, the book project of Cognitive therapy of Cocaine Abuse: a Treatment Manual, the book project of Cognitive Therapy of Depression, the book project of Cognitive Therapy of Substance Abuse, Anxiety and Substance Abuse, a study of depression, the book project of Inpatient Cognitive Therapy, by Jesse Wright, et al., an incomplete group of numbered manuscripts done by Beck, the book project of Scientific Foundations of Cognitive Theory and Therapy of Depression, by David A. Clark, et al. Attached to this series is a sub-series which collects short pieces of research writings, mostly notes and outlines in preparation for certain research projects or topics. All other smaller series named in the first paragraph include records mainly generated by or for Aaron Beck himself, rather than related to the Center for the Cognitive Therapy in general.

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