Collection, 1827,1857.


Woodbridge, William, 1780-1861. Collection, 1827,1857.

Collection, 1827,1857.

Collection, 1827-1857, of miscellaneous materials. Included here is a blank, printed, and illustrated appointment form, undated from Woodbridge's term as governor of Michigan. Also, there are two certificates appointing Woodbridge as Secretary of the Treasury of Michigan. The first certificate, dated Jan. 12, 1827, was signed by Pres. John Q. Adams, Secretary of State Henry Clay, Lewis Cass, and Woodbridge with a U.S. seal. The second (in pieces), dated Jan. 15, 1828, was signed by Woodbridge, Solomon Sibley and Henry Chipman, judges of the Territory of Michigan, Pres. Adams, and Secretary of State Clay. Woodbridge took his oath before James Witherell, Secretary of the Territory of Michigan, on March 3, 1828. Also included are family correspondence and school reports, 1837-1857, related to his son, Dudley Woodbridge, and a speech, undated.

1 folder, 1 Oversized folder : ill.

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Woodbridge was born in Conn. on Aug. 20, 1780. He served in several high Ohio political positions before moving to Michigan. Woodbridge served as Secretary and Acting Governor of the Territory of Michigan, 1812-1828; Collector of Customs at Detroit, 1814- ; Michigan Territory's first delegate in Congress, 1819-1820; Justice of the Territorial Supreme Court, 1828-1832; Delegate from the 1st District (Detroit) to the Constitutional Convention of 1835; Senator from the 1st District, 1838-1839; Gove...

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