Soviet photographs from 1918. 1918.


Soviet photographs from 1918. 1918.

Soviet photographs from 1918 convey the social upheaval in Russia during a transitional period when the new Soviet government was instituting massive changes in social programs while fighting a civil war. Photographers and cinematographers employed by the Photography and Film Committee of the People's Commissariat of Enlightenment recorded these images as they travelled through Russia on propaganda trains, then sent their raw footage to the newsreel production studio in Moscow where it was compiled and edited into films. A number of these images are stills from the first Russian weekly newsreel Kinonedelia (Film Week), edited by the young Dziga Vertov in his first job in cinema. They may have been displayed in agit-prop showcases at clubs, libraries, train stations, and other public places, as such photographs often were.

595 photographic prints : gelatin silver; 12 x 17.5 cm. or smaller.

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