Joseph Jacobs oral history interview, 1991 Aug. 16.


Joseph Jacobs oral history interview, 1991 Aug. 16.

The collection consists of an oral history interview with Joseph Jacobs on August 16, 1991 in which he discusses Bob Segal; Lithonia granite cutters strike; Davidson family; Judge Jim Davis; Steve Nance of ATU; Myles Horton of Highlander; David Dubinsky; Max Zaritzky; merger of Millinery Union and Hatter's Union; Winnsboro (S.C.); anti-union campaigns; George Googe; printer's unions; National Labor Relations Board; E.L. "Abby" Abercrombie; Laundry workers union organization; attempts to unionize cab drivers; National Linen Service; affiliation of Laundry Workers union with Teamsters; organization of laundry workers in Georgia; War Labor Board; Tony Valente; tactics used for obtaining wage increases; Herbert Haas; racially mixed unions; changes in black attitudes; Yellow Cab monopoly; Jacobs' disagreements with Abercrombie; Charlie Elrod; Harris Jacobs; Internal Revenue case against laundry workers unions; Al Kehrer; First Union Bank; mob influence; international unions; TWUA; congressional committee that investigated union corruption; Lloyd Clennard; Bobby Kennedy; car rental deal; Tony Valente; George Meany; Alex Rose; government efforts to get Jacobs to testify against unions; Ethics Committee; "heresy" trials; and Lloyd Clennard changes name to Roberts.

2 audiotapes ; cassette.Transcript (100 p.)


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Abercrombie, E. L. (person)

Davis, James C. (James Curran), 1895-1981 (person)

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Valente, Anthony F., 1906- (person)

Haas, Herbert (person)

Googe, George Logan, 1900-1961 (person)

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