William Jarvis papers, 1793-1845.


William Jarvis papers, 1793-1845.

This collection is comprised of correspondence and business papers, 1793-1845, of William Jarvis of Boston, Massachusetts, Lisbon, Portugal, and Weathersfield, Vermont. There is also correspondence of Lucy Wheeler, 1840-1843, Willis Gaylord, 1822-1838, and a small group of miscellaneous letters to Martha E. and Eliza Miner Moore ; Abigail Allen; and J.H., Judith, and Thomas J. Harris, 1832-1848. The bulk of correspondence is addressed to William Jarvis, 1802-1811, in Lisbon, while he served as United States Consul to Portugal, and operated a trading business known as William Jarvis and Co. The letters written to Jarvis in his official capacity as consul describe the seizure of ships by Algerian privateers, French and British blockades of various ports, quarantines against American ships because of yellow fever in the United States, impressment by the British, and problems caused by the Napoleonic Wars. Between 1830 and 1845 there are a series of letters from Hampden Cutts, who had married Jarvis's oldest daughter, Mary, and lived in Hartland, Vt. There is also family correspondence of Lucy Wheeler, 1840-1843 (probably a relative of William Jarvis's son-in-law, David Everett Wheeler); and letters to Mrs. Abigail Allen, Eliza Moore, and J.H., Judith, and Thomas J. Harris. In addition to the William Jarvis letters there are a group of letters written to Willis Gaylord (1792-1844) in Otisco, N.Y., 1822-1838. The majority of letters written to him are from his cousin Willis Gaylord Clark (1808-1841). In his letters he describes the founding of the Ladies Port Folio, and describes his new position as editor of the Philadelphia Gazette. He often mentions his twin brother Lewis G. Clark (1808-1873), editor of the Knickerbocker, in New York.

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Philadelphia poet and editor. From the description of ALS : Philadelphia, to W. Ogden Niles, 1839 Aug. 17. (Rosenbach Museum & Library). WorldCat record id: 122442828 American poet. From the description of Papers of Willis Gaylord Clark, 1830-1840. (University of Virginia). WorldCat record id: 34689940 From the description of Papers of Willis Gaylord Clark [manuscript], 1830-1840. (University of Virginia). WorldCat record id: 647879631 Poet ...

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Editor of "Knickerbocker Magazine." From the description of Letters of Lewis Gaylord Clark [manuscript], 1834-1867. (University of Virginia). WorldCat record id: 647804933 Lewis Gaylord Clark was an American author and editor, best known for his work with Knickerbocker Magazine. Born in Otisco, New York, Clark and his twin brother, Willis, were locally educated, and were encouraged to seek literary careers. Lewis Clark moved to New York City in 1832 and invested in the perio...