Cooper family papers, 1716-1968.


Cooper family. Cooper family papers, 1716-1968.

Cooper family papers, 1716-1968.

Primarily the papers of William Frierson Cooper, but also including papers of his father, Matthew Delamere Cooper, and other family members. Consists of correspondence, diaries, financial records, land and legal records, photographs, scrapbooks, and other papers. William Frierson Cooper's correspondence and diaries contain many references to prominent figures such as Andrew Jackson, Sam Houston, and James K. Polk. Cooper was a delegate at the Southern Convention in Nashville in 1850 and writes at length about the growing split between North and South and on Tennessee's eventual secession. Several volumes of notes on Cooper's travels in Europe during the Civil War are included. Correspondents include David Reeve Arnell, Joseph Bradley Varnum (aka Viator), George O. Sweet, and George Washington Campbell. The papers of Matthew Delamere Cooper document his activities as a planter and businessman, including his partnership with his brother-in-law, Duncan Brown Frierson, in a New Orleans commission house, M.D. Cooper and Co. Letters especially reflect the cotton market in New Orleans during the 1850s and 1860s. Also included are letters of two sons of M.D. Cooper, Edmund and Henry, both lawyers and state legislators of Shelbyville, Tennessee. Edmund was also a Union sympathizer and private secretary to Andrew Johnson. A few items relate to the shooting of Edward Ward Carmack and the involvement of Duncan Brown Cooper (son of M.D. Cooper) in that incident. There is a large amount of genealogical material for the Cooper and related families of Bond, Brown, Frierson, McNeilly, Sansom, Stockell, and Strickler. Other items of interest are materials relating to the death of Meriwether Lewis; Cooper family emigration to Mississippi and Texas; a diary and letter relating to the 2nd Seminole War, 1836; and a Mexican War diary of Albert Gallatin Cooper.

3, 825 items and 43 volumes.

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