Papers of Alexander Mackay-Smith, 1925-1958.


Mackay-Smith, Alexander. Papers of Alexander Mackay-Smith, 1925-1958.

Papers of Alexander Mackay-Smith, 1925-1958.

The papers contain correspondence regarding his musical interests, the purchase of old instruments, and the gift of his music library to the University of Virginia. There are programs, 1925-1936, for musical performances in the United States, Austria, and France; letter, 29 July 1926, from Richard Burgin regarding performances for the 1926-27 season of the Chamber Music Club of Boston; miscellaneous papers, 1930-1934, of the Chamber Music Club of Boston; and correspondence, 1928-1950, principally with Edmund van der Straeten, regarding the purchase of antique musical instruments and rare books and sheet music. Miscellaneous papers, 1931-1944, regard Mackay-Smith's musical collection, musical groups, and performances; and a letter, 6 June 1930, accepting Mackay-Smith into the Société Français de Musicologie, with a booklet, n.d., of their bylaws. Also a letter, 13 March 1931, accepting Mackay-Smith into the Deutsche Musikgesellschaft, with a membership card and a pamphlet about the organization; a guidebook, n.d., to the Österreichische Galerie; a letter 18 June 1935, from Frances Frost requesting to borrow Mackay-Smith's sheet music; and an autograph, 1931, of Otakar Ševči̓k. Also of interest are a letter, 24 March 1931, from Henry Cowell, thanking Mackay-Smith for a contribution to New Music; letters, 1931, acknowledging gifts to the New York Public Library; a letter, 30 May 1933, from Yella Pessl, Vienna, describing how German politics have affected her ability to perform in Germany; a letter, 20 March 1932, from Harold Bauer regarding a summer cottage rental; and a letter, 24 September 1932, from Archibald T. Davison regarding hymnals. There are also letters, 1933-1950, regarding Winchester Cathedral and the New Music String Quartet, including one, 25 July 1950, from Claus Adam. Correspondence, 1946-1958, regarding loans and gifts to the University of Virginia Library includes letters from Stephen D. Tuttle, John Cook Wyllie, and Vernon P. Davis. Letters, 1931-1933, from Ralph Kirkpatrick while studying in Europe, discuss Paris, Wanda Landowska, Günther Ramin, Nadia Boulanger, Arnold Dolmetsch, Heinz Tiessen, Paul Brunold, André Pirro, Yella Pessl, the Bibliothèque Nationale and the Conservatoire in Paris, and harpsichords. Some miscellaneous papers, 1933-1934, concern performances by Kirkpatrick.

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