Hope for Humanity Papers, 1970-1988.


Hope for Humanity Papers, 1970-1988.

Comprise correspondence, drafts of unpublished and published manuscripts, ideas for research projects, family history material, publishers' contracts, placement files, and copies of his three books: Homosexual acts, actors and identities (Praeger, 1983), Epidemic of courage: facing AIDS in America (St. Martin's, 1986), and Notes on living until we say goodbye: a personal guide (St. Martin's, 1988). The papers reflect Nungesser's struggle against homophobia and particularly his battle with AIDS and. Coping with terminal illness. Correspondents include Dana H. Bramel, Stuart Kellogg, and Philip G. Zimbardo.

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University of Michigan

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Morin, Stephen F.

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Bramel, Dana H., 1935-

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Morrison, H. W.

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Boyer, Cherrie B.

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Bem, Sandra L.

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Lewis, Robert A. (Robert Alan), 1932-

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Nungesser, Lon G.

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Social psychologist, author, and AIDS victim. From the description of Hope for Humanity Papers, 1970-1988. (University of Michigan). WorldCat record id: 34364979 ...

Zimbardo, Philip G.

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Professor of Psychology at Stanfoed (1968- ). From the description of Philip G. Zimbardo shyness questionnaires, undated. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122500396 Philip Zimbardo, Professor of Psychology at Stanford University since 1968, is internationally recognized as an innovative researcher in many areas of psychology. He has won numerous awards for his distinguished teaching, writing, research, and media productions. Zimbardo has been called the "voice and image of mod...

Selvin, Johnnie Barnes.

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Rodgers, Lee.

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Kellogg, Stuart

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Koop, C. Everett (Charles Everett), 1916-2013

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Dr. C. Everett Koop was appointed Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health, U.S. Public Health Service (PHS) in February 1981, and sworn in as Surgeon General on November 17, 1981. Additionally, he was appointed director of the Office of International Health in May 1982. Before joining PHS, Dr. Koop, a pediatric surgeon with an international reputation, was surgeon-in-chief of Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and professor of pediatric surgery and pediatrics at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr...

De Cecco, John P.

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Garfield, Sol L. (Sol Louis), 1918-2004

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Sol L. Garfield was born in Chicago on January 8, 1918. He received his BS, MA, and Ph.D. degrees from Northwestern University by the age of 24. Upon completing his degree he took a job as an army psychologist during World War II. His distinguished service led to his promotion as Chief Clinical Psychologist at the Veteran's Administration Hospital in Mendota, Wisconsin in 1946, and a year later, Director of the clinical training program at the University of Connecticut. Following th...

Bell, Alan P. (Alan Paul), 1932-2002

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Masters, William H.

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William Howell Masters, gynecologist, b. 1912; and Virginia E. Johnson, psychologist, b. 1925. From the description of William H. Masters papers, 1971-1972. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 70984326 ...

Stark, Fortney H.

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Bullock, William D. (William David)

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Jones, Dezie Dell, 1941-

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Kalish, Harry I.

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Alfred, Randy

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Randall H. (Randy) Alfred is a freelance journalist and former radio talk show host in San Francisco, Calif. He collected materials about gay and lesbian life in San Francisco as part of his research for journal articles and his radio talk show The Gay Life. From the description of Randy Alfred subject files and sound recordings, 1974-1990. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 726197358 ...