Photographs by Napoleon N. Nadeau, 1898-1942 (bulk 1932-1937).


Photographs by Napoleon N. Nadeau, 1898-1942 (bulk 1932-1937).

Photographs taken by Napoleon N. Nadeau as Conservation Department photographer from 1932 through 1937. The collection mainly documents the activities and buildings of the forestry division and includes images of state forests; timber stands and forest vegetation; forest industries, particularly logging, lumbering, paper making, Christmas trees, and maple sugar; forest fires and fire prevention methods and equipment; forest deterioration and reproduction, mainly at the Badoura State Nursery; farmland erosion and prevention efforts; permanent structural improvements, especially bridges, forestry buildings, ranger stations, fire towers, roads, trails, dams, and docks; recreational areas and activities, including campgrounds, picnic areas, and beaches, fishing and hunting, and lakes and rivers; wildlife; work of various emergency relief administration agencies, particularly the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) and Works Progress Administration (WPA); educational activities, such as exhibits, state fair demonstrations, signs and maps, archaeological work, Native American pageants, and forestry research; agriculture; and departmental personnel and the Conservation Commission. A large number of the photographs were taken in the state parks, particularly Itasca, Scenic, and Whitewater.

10.0 cu. ft. (26 boxes).

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