Family letters : of James Monroe, 1805-1824.


Monroe, James, 1758-1831. Family letters : of James Monroe, 1805-1824.

Family letters : of James Monroe, 1805-1824.

Monroe writes to his daughter Eliza at school in Paris encouraging her to learn to play the harp, 1805; discusses her and his wife, Elizabeth's health and suggests they visit Stonehenge and Bristol, England, 1806. Monroe writes to William Clark introducing his brother, Joseph J. Monroe, who intends to settle in Missouri and practice law, 1820; and to Dr. Charles Worthington that Elizabeth Monroe is still ill and bleeding her hand did no good, 1824. Phoebe Morris writes to Dolley Madison about news of Washington society and mentions Elizabeth Monroe and Eliza Monroe Hay.

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Monroe, Elizabeth, 1768-1830 (person)

Romance glints from the little that is known about Elizabeth Kortright’s early life. She was born in New York City in 1768, daughter of an old New York family. Her father, Lawrence, had served the Crown by privateering during the French and Indian War and made a fortune. He took no active part in the War of Independence; and James Monroe wrote to his friend Thomas Jefferson in Paris in 1786 that he had married the daughter of a gentleman, “injured in his fortunes” by the Revolution. Strange c...

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Monroe, Joseph Jones. (person)

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Nothing is known about William Clark. From the description of Land records, 1778-1843. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122508054 ...

Monroe, James, 1758-1831 (person)

James Monroe, fifth president of the United States of America (b. April 28, 1758, Monroe Hall, Virginia-d. July 4, 1831, New York, New York) fought with distinction in the Continental Army, and he practiced law in Fredericksburg, Virginia. As a young politician, he joined the anti-Federalists in the Virginia Convention which ratified the Constitution, and in 1790, an advocate of Jeffersonian policies, he was elected United States Senator. As Minister to France in 1794-1796, Monroe showed strong ...

Worthington, Charles, Dr, (person)

Morris, Phoebe (person)