Diary of Miss Virginia J. Miller, 1861 Nov. 15-1862 Apr. 17.


Miller, Virginia J., b. 1842. Diary of Miss Virginia J. Miller, 1861 Nov. 15-1862 Apr. 17.

Diary of Miss Virginia J. Miller, 1861 Nov. 15-1862 Apr. 17.

The diary begins on 15 Nov. 1861. Miller notes the arrival of the 21st Mississippi Regiment in Leesburg, as well as Union troop movements near Mathias Point and an exchange of high-ranking Union prisoners in return for Confederate privateers. Succeeding entries describe military visitors to the Harrison house from the Albemarle Cavalry and soldiers of various Mississippi regiments. Miller discusses hearing cannon fire from the Battle of Ball's Bluff on 21 Oct. 1861 and witnessing the deaths and severe injuries of soldiers. Miller declares herself particularly moved by the death of Col. Erasmus Burt (ca. 1820-1861), a well-known Mississippi doctor who was taken to the Harrison house after receiving a mortal gunshot wound during the battle. Miller later writes of a military parade as Confederate troops moved to Centreville, and the naval victory of the Virginia (recorded on 17 Apr. 1862). Miller concludes the diary by describing a meeting with Gen. Robert E. Lee at Point of Rocks, Md.

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Daughter of prominent Washington physician Thomas Miller (1806-1873) and resident of Washington, D.C. Dr. Thomas Miller, a prominent White House physician, and his family were relatives of the Harrison family of Leesburg, Va., and stayed at the Harrison family's house through much of the Civil War. The Harrison House, also known as the Glenfiddich House, is a well-known historic landmark in Leesburg, Va. Named after its original owner, Henry T. Harrison (b. 1797), the ho...