Papers, 1835-1836.


Duncan, Joseph, 1794-1844. Papers, 1835-1836.

Papers, 1835-1836.

3 documents signed by Duncan as Illinois governor: 2 concern the sale of school lands, and a commission of Thomas C. Wilson as Tazewell County, Illinois, surveyor; and letter to Samuel Marsh, New York City, on a document, both concerning the sale of land in Oquawka, Illinois.

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Duncan, Joseph, 1794-1844 (person)

From Jacksonville, Illinois, sixth governor of the state, had previously served in the War of 1812, the Black Hawk War, the state legislature, and U.S. Congress. Born in Paris, Kentucky, came to Illinois, where his brother Matthew was the publisher of the Kaskaskia "Herald", after the War of 1812. He married Elizabeth Caldwell Smith in 1828 and the couple moved to Jacksonville, Ill. Duncan had been quite wealthy, but due to financial problems within the state and a corrupt relative, he died leav...

Wilson, Thomas, chevalier de l'Ordre du lion neĢerlandais (person)