Departmental reports, 1918-1961.


Departmental reports, 1918-1961.

Bound narrative and statistical reports by the Librarian and department and division heads, covering a broad range of library activities, including acquisitions, binding, cataloguing, classification, correspondence, readers, interlibrary loan, personnel changes, library size, donors, etc.

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Newberry Library

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Newberry Library (person)

The Newberry was founded on July 1, 1887 and opened for business on September 6 of that year. The Newberry’s establishment came about because of a contingent provision in the will of Chicago businessman Walter L. Newberry (1804-68), which left what later amounted to approximately $2.2 million for the foundation of a “free, public” library on the north side of the Chicago River, if his two children died without issue. After the deaths of Mr. Newberry’s daughters and then, in 1885, of his widow, t...

Newberry Library. Medical Dept. (corporateBody)

Newberry Library. Conservation Dept. (corporateBody)

The Conservation Department was created at the Library in 1975 and included production binding, fine binding, and paper and leather conservation and restoration in a Bindery Section and a Conservation Section. Although the Library had supported bookbinding facilities since the mid-1890's, it had no department charged with conserving and preserving the library collections until 1964 when Paul Banks, appointed the Library's first conservator, took charge of conservation, b...

Newberry Library. Office of the President and Librarian. (corporateBody)

Director and Librarian (later President and Librarian) L. W. Towner initiated the preparation of organizational charts for insertion in the annual report. Charts were also issued irregularly to document major administrative and organizational changes. From the description of Organizational charts, 1964-[ongoing] (Newberry Library). WorldCat record id: 26521516 Reports in this format were begun by Lawrence W. Towner when he was appointed ...

Newberry Library. Technical Services Dept. (corporateBody)

Following a two-year experiment (1931-1933) with a Technical Department head, a single technical services administrator, responsible for cataloguing, classification, and ordering, was not reappointed until 1959 when Mabel Erler served for three years as head of the Technical Processes Department. In 1965, a unified department was formed again under Bernard Wilson (1965-1967), and continued under Technical Services librarians David Stam (1967-1971), Richard Seidel (1971-1989), and Margaret Brenne...

Newberry Library. Reader Services Dept. (corporateBody)

In 1916 the Public Services (Reference) Division was created consisting of the Main Reading Room, Department of History and Genealogy, Edward E. Ayer Collection, and Exhibition Room. Between 1916 and 1961 five librarians administered the Division: Gerald M. W. Teyen (1916-1919), William S. Merrill (1919-1928), Edwin E. Willoughby (1929-1930), John T. Windle (1931-1948), and Ben C. Bowman (1949-1962). In 1962 the Division of Public Services was disbanded and the head of e...

Pargellis, Stanley McCrory, 1898- (person)

Fifth Librarian of the Newberry Library, 1942-1962, and historian. Born in 1898 in Toledo, Ohio, and educated at the University of Nevada, Oxford (Rhodes Scholar), and Yale, Pargellis taught history at Cal Tech, Yale, and Scripps before becoming Librarian of the Newberry in Chicago. Under Pargellis, the Library assumed the outlines of its modern shape. The collection grew markedly through gifts (Graff, Greenlee) and enlarged acquisitions - rarities in the humanities, Mid...

Carlton, W. N. C. (William Newnham Chattin), 1873-1943 (person)

Librarian and author, third Librarian of the Newberry Library, 1909-1920. Born in England, Carlton moved in 1882 to the United States for his schooling. Prior to Carlton's tenure at the Newberry, he served as librarian at Trinity College, Conn. While at the Newberry, Carlton reorganized and systemized all library procedures; he abandoned the Rudolph Indexer catalogue, revived the card catalogue, and started using Library of Congress cataloguing for the collections. In 19...

Utley, George Burwell, 1876-1946 (person)

Librarian, fourth Librarian of the Newberry Library, 1920-1942. Born in Hartford, Connecticut, and educated at the Vermont Academy, Colgate, and Brown, George B. Utley worked at the Watkinson Library in Hartford, and the Maryland Diocesan Library in Baltimore before his appointment as the first librarian of the Jacksonville (FL) Public Library. Prior to his appointment at the Newberry, Utley served as Secretary and Executive Officer of the American Library Association (1...

Morenius, Magnus. (person)