Enoch Walter Sikes Presidential Records. 1926-1941. Speeches and writings.


Clemson University. Office of the President. Enoch Walter Sikes Presidential Records. 1926-1941. Speeches and writings.

Enoch Walter Sikes Presidential Records. 1926-1941. Speeches and writings.

This series contains the speeches and writings of Enoch Walter Sikes while he was President and after his retirement from office. In the series are found speeches, addresses to cadets at Clemson College and to organizations in the community, short public statements, lectures, Sunday School talks, and articles that appeared in student publications and newspapers. Topics include agriculture and the training of farmers; education; histories of the Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran, and Presbyterian denominations in South Carolina; civics and citizenship; and the Yound Men's Christian Association. Of particular note is Sikes' Autobiography. The original order of the speech file that Sikes maintained has been lost. The present arrangement reconstructs some of the original order: Speeches that were dated have been arranged chronologically, while speeches that bore no date are arranged by topic or subject.

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Enoch Walter Sikes was born in Union County, N.C. on May 1, 1868. His education culminated with a Ph.D. in history, government and economics from Johns Hopkins University. Sikes began his faculty career at Wake Forest where he met his future wife, Ruth Wingate. By 1916, Sikes had become president of Coker College, a women's college in Hartsville, S.C. Knowing Sikes' reputation for administrative ability and public speaking, Clemson College's Board of Trustees asked Sikes to serve as the school's...

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Clemson University. Office of the President.

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This series contains the speeches and writings of Enoch Walter Sikes while he was President and after his retirement from office. In the series are found speeches, addresses to cadets at Clemson College and to organizations in the community, short public statements, lectures, Sunday school talks, and articles that appeared in student publications and newspapers. Topics include agriculture and the training of farmers; education; histories of the Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran, and Presbyterian deno...

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