Letters to Blanche C. Matthias from Margery Latimer and Jean Toomer; and to Henry Chester Tracy from Margery Latimer. 1921-1934.


Matthias, Blanche C. Letters to Blanche C. Matthias from Margery Latimer and Jean Toomer; and to Henry Chester Tracy from Margery Latimer.

Letters to Blanche C. Matthias from Margery Latimer and Jean Toomer; and to Henry Chester Tracy from Margery Latimer. 1921-1934.

Folders 1-11, 126 letters mostly to B.C. Matthias from M. Latimer, 2 by Donald Douglas; 12, 1 letter from Zona Gale to M. Latimer, Aug. 12, 1921; 9 letters, 1927?-1934, to Matthias from Jean Toomer; 13, 2 letters to Henry Chester Tracy from Latimer; 14, Typescript "My friendship with Margery Bodine Latimer," by B.C. Matthias, 5 p.

14 folders 1 box.

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