Harleston Funeral Home papers, ca. 1900-1976.


Harleston Funeral Home papers, ca. 1900-1976.

The Harleston Funeral Home Papers consist of 17 volumes which document the deceased, customers, and funeral expenses. They are organized into three series. The Funeral Records (1910-1923; 1929-1950; 1953-1958) are chronologically organized account books detailing funeral and related expenses. All of them contain indexes; some indexes list the deceased while others list the person paying for the funeral. Extensive biographical statistics are often given, and there are various mentions of other businesses using hearses such as those run by N.C. Boags, R.M. Snype, et al. and references to the Mickey Brothers and Eugene Gadsen (or Gadsden) funeral homes. The Insurance Records (1951-1970) also list deceased and related expenses, but include individual insurance information, and omit extensive biographical information. The Financial Records (1905-1907; 1951-1957) consist of an inventory, receipt, and account book, which lacks individual funeral records and statistics, but details business expenses with hundreds of decorative bill heads, etc.

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Harleston, Edwin Augustus, 1882-1931

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Edwin Augustus Harleston (1882-1931), African American artist and activist, was born in Charleston, South Carolina. He married Elise Forrest (1891-), a photographer, in 1920. Edwina Harleston Whitlock (1916-2002), their niece, who was also known as "Gussie," was raised by the couple after her parents had died. Edwin Harleston was active in the Charleston Chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), founded in 1917. Both Edwin and Elise also worked for the fa...

Mickey Brothers Funeral Home (Charleston, S.C.)

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Harleston, Robert, 1846-1915.

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Harleston Funeral Home (Charleston, S.C.)

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The original Harleston Funeral Home was established in Charleston, S.C. in 1901 by Edwin G. "Captain" Harleston (1854-1931) and his brother, Robert Harleston (1846-1915), under the name Harleston Brothers Funeral Home. It was one of the first funeral homes for African Americans in Charleston. The same year that it was founded, it merged with Mickey Funeral Home following the death of its proprietor, Edward H. Mickey (1850-1899). Mickey had married E.G. Harleston's sister, Hannah Har...

Eugene Gadsden Funeral Home (Charleston, S.C.)

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Mickey, Hannah Harleston, 1848-1928.

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Snype, R. M.

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Mickey and Harleston Funeral Home (Charleston, S.C.)

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Mickey Funeral Home (Charleston, S.C.)

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Harleston Brothers Funeral Home (Charleston, S.C.)

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Harleston, Edwin Gaillard, 1854-1931.

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Boags, N. C.

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