Countries collection: Palestine files, [ca. 1914]-1950.


Countries collection: Palestine files, [ca. 1914]-1950.

Correspondence, reports, minutes, memoranda, printed matter, clippings, and other material concerning Jewish community in Palestine, and American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee activity there. Subject areas include child care, including Palestine Orphans Committee, 1919-1925; cultural and religious organizations, including Agudat Israel, 1926-1944, Hebrew Teachers' College, 1921-1940, Hebrew University, 1934-1945, and Hebrew Secondary School, Haifa, 1922-1934; medical relief, including American Zionist Medical Unit (and successor Hadassah Medical Organization), 1919-1925; reconstruction, including Central Bank of Cooperative Institutions in Palestine, 1921-1944, Palestine Economic Corporation, 1924-1950, and Kupat Milve loan fund, 1921-1924; relief supplies, including Dreyfus and Strauss soup kitchens, 1919-1924; emergency funds, including aid following Arab attacks, and aid to Yemenite Jewish immigrants, 1921, 1928-1931; and immigration, including German and Yemenite Jews, and Youth Aliyah (preparation for moving to Palestine). Also includes files on relations with British government, Peel Commission, and Vaad Leumi (General Council of Jewish Community in Palestine). Correspondents include David De Sola Pool, Sir Herbert Samuel, Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook, Judah Magnes, Henrietta Szold, Dr. Arthur Ruppin, Dr. Bernard Flexner, and Goldie Myerson (Golda Meir).

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Royal Commission on Palestine. (corporateBody)

American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee. Palestine Orphans Committee. (corporateBody)

Central Bank of Cooperative Institutions. (corporateBody)

Szold, Henrietta, 1680-1945 (person)

Jewish American writer, editor, and political activist. From the description of Letters and diaries; 1866-1944. (Brandeis University Library). WorldCat record id: 33284269 Zionist leader, Henrietta Schaar Szold was secretary of the Jewish Publication Society of America (1892-1915); founder of a night school for Russian immigrants in Baltimore in 1899; Secretary of the Federation of American Zionists; founder and first president of Hadassah, which supports health work in Pale...

Meir, Golda, 1898-1978 (person)

Meir was born in Russia, emigrated to the U.S. and came to Milwaukee in 1906 with her family. Throughout her life, she was a dedicated Zionist. In Feb. 1969 she became Israel's fourth Prime Minister, at the age of 71. From the description of Papers, [undated]. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 71014315 ...

Pool, David de Sola, 1885-1970 (person)

A leading figure in American Jewish life during the 20th century, Reverend Dr. David de Sola Pool was minister of Congregation Shearith Israel (the first Jewish congregation to be established in North America) in New York City and President of the Union of Sephardic Congregations. Rev. Dr. de Sola Pool married Tamar Hirschensohn (1890-1981) in 1917. Tamar H. de Sola Pool was National President of Hadassah (1939-1943) and active in the National Council of Jewish Women and World Zionist Organizati...

Agudat Israel. (corporateBody)

Agudat Israel held its founding convention in Kattowitz in 1912. It is a Jewish organization which seeks to preserve Orthodoxy by adherence to halakhah as the principle governing Jewish life and society. Poʻale Agudat Yiśraʼel was founded in 1922 as a religious labor movement dedicated to building the Land of Israel according to the Torah. It was originally an offshoot of Agudat Israel, but became an independent organization in 1960. From the description of Poster and printed epheme...

Ruppin, Arthur, 1876-1943 (person)

Bet ha-sefer ha-reʼali ha-ʻivri be-Ḥefah. (corporateBody)

Hebrew Teachers' Seminary (Jerusalem) (corporateBody)

Universiṭah ha-ʻIvrit bi-Yerushalayim. (corporateBody)

Magnes, Judah Leon, 1877-1948 (person)

American rabbi and communal leader. From the description of Papers, 1910-1918. (Brandeis University Library). WorldCat record id: 46611785 From the description of Correspondence and reports, 1909-1921 [microform]. (Brandeis University Library). WorldCat record id: 47747245 From the description of Correspondence and reports, 1912-1919 [microform]. (Brandeis University Library). WorldCat record id: 47734929 From the description of Correspondence and printed m...

Kook, Abraham Isaac, 1865-1935 (person)

Abraham Isaac ha-Kohen Kook was born in Latvia in 1864. In 1904 he moved to Palestine and served as rabbi of the Jewish community in Jaffa. In 1919 he became rabbi of the Ashkenazi community of Jerusalem. In 1921, when the Chief rabbinate was established, he was appointed Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Palestine, a position he held until his death in 1935. In 1924 he established his own yeshiva in Jerusalem, known as the Universal Yeshiva or Merkaz ha-Rav. The yeshiva was unique at the time because of...

Hadassah Medical Organization (corporateBody)

Organized 1918 as American Zionist Medical Unit and became Hadassah Medical Organization in 1921. From the description of Records, 1918-1984. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 155472377 ...

Keneset Yiśraʼel be-Erets-Yiśraʼel. Ṿaʻad ha-leʼumi. (corporateBody)

American Zionist Medical Unit (corporateBody)

Samuel, Herbert Louis Samuel, Viscount, 1870-1963 (person)

Herbert Louis Samuel was a British statesman, who held many posts and became the Liberal leader in the House of Lords. Born in Liverpool to a successful German-Jewish banker, he graduated from Balliol College, Oxford, with a first in history. During this time he developed the radical Liberal stance that guided his political life; during his career, he served in the House of Commons, the cabinet, and as home secretary during World War I, and was involved in many key decisions. He served with dist...

American Jewish joint distribution committee (corporateBody)

The American Joint Distribution Committee was founded on November 27, 1914 when the American Jewish Relief Committee (AJRC) and the Central Committee for the Relief of Jews (CCRJ) joined forces under the name of the Joint Distribution Committee of American Funds for the Relief of Jewish War Sufferers. Although JDC reflected the diversity of the American Jewish Community, the Reform-oriented American Jewish Committee faction dominated its early leadership. Conceived as a temporary agency to relie...

Kaput Milve Loan Fund. (corporateBody)

Flexner, Bernard, 1865-1945 (person)

Bernard Flexner, a lawyer, philanthropist and Zionist leader, was an early supporter of the juvenile court movement. From 1917 he lived in New York, devoting himself to various Zionist movements and organizations to aid Palestine. From the guide to the Bernard Flexner Papers, 1882-1946, 1917-1943, (Princeton University. Library. Dept. of Rare Books and Special Collections) Flexner, a lawyer, philanthropist and Zionist leader, was an early supporter of the juvenile court move...

Jewish Agency for Palestine. Youth Aliyah Dept. (corporateBody)