Papers, 1917-1964.


Papers, 1917-1964.

This collection consists chiefly of papers and correspondence relating to his work in developing vaccines for various viruses and bacteria, such as encephalitides, typhus, rickettsioses, poliomyelitis, meningococcus, and trachoma. Also includes materials on intraperitoneal protection tests, records of experiments on production of intranuclear inclusions by means of chemicals, results of work by Dr. Harold R. Cox on viruses, medical research during World War II, and materials relating to the Rockefeller Institute. There are also corrected proofs of "Viral Encephalitides" (Springfield, Ill., 1958).

ca. 2,500 items.

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Wadsworth, Augustus B., 1872-1954. (person)

Russell, Frederick F. (Frederick Fuller), 1870-1960 (person)

Russell as an early researcher into the inoculation of typhoid. He was assigned the duty of implementing an immunization program within the U.S. Army from 1910-1911. Following his military career he served as the director of the International Health Board of the Rockefeller Foundation continuing his public health research focusing on yellow fever. From the description of Frederick F. Russell Papers, 1898-1958. (National Library of Medicine). WorldCat record id: 57202900 ...

Makower, Henryk (person)

Long, Perrin H. (Perrin Hamilton), 1899-1965 (person)

Noguchi, Hideyo, 1876-1928 (person)

Amoss, Harold L. (Harold Lindsay), 1886-1956 (person)

Harold Lindsay Amoss was physician and associate and associate member at the Rockefeller Institute of Medical Research, 1914-1922. From the description of Papers, 1918-1922. (American Philosophical Society Library). WorldCat record id: 122439952 The pathologist Harold Lindsay Amoss was born in Cobb, Kentucky, on September 8, 1886. After receiving his BS (1905) and MS (1907) degrees at the University of Kentucky, he pursued both medical degree and doctorate at Ha...

Cox, H. R. (Harold Roxbee), 1902-1997 (person)

Horstmann, Dorothy M. (Dorothy Millicent), 1911- (person)

Dorothy Millicent Horstmann, renowned for her contributions to the pathogenesis and control of viral infections, particularly poliomyelitis and rubella, was born in Spokane, Washington, on July 2, 1911. After her undergraduate and medical training at the University of California, San Francisco, she did clinical training at San Francisco County Hospital and Vanderbilt Hospital. As a Commonwealth Fund Fellow at the Yale University School of Medicine, she began work with John Rodman Paul, the direc...

Zinsser, Hans, 1878-1940 (person)

Zinsser (Columbia, M.D. 1903) was Charles Wilder Professor of Bacteriology and Immunology at Harvard Medical School from 1935 to 1940, chief of bacteriological services at Children's and Infants' Hospital, and consultant in bacteriology at Peter Bent Brigham Hospital in Boston, Mass. His research included the development of a vaccine for typhus, work on the etiology of rheumatic fever, host response to syphilis, nature of the antigen-antibody reaction, the measurement of virus size, and studies ...

Olitsky, Peter K. (person)

Peter K. Olitsky was a pathologist. From the description of Papers, 1917-1964. (American Philosophical Society Library). WorldCat record id: 154298201 From the guide to the Peter K. Olitsky papers, 1917-1964, 1917-1964, (American Philosophical Society) ...

Schlessinger, Walter. (person)

Webster, Leslie Tillotson, 1894-1943. (person)

Leslie Tillotson Webster was an epidemiologist and worked at the Rockefeller Institute from 1920 to 1943. From the description of Papers, 1909-1943. (American Philosophical Society Library). WorldCat record id: 122616143 From the guide to the Leslie Tillotson Webster papers, 1909-1943, 1909-1943, (American Philosophical Society) ...

Beard, Joseph W., 1942- (person)

Sabin, Albert B. (Albert Bruce), 1906- (person)

Dr. Albert Sabin, developer of the oral, live virus polio vaccine, began his career in biomedical research in 1926 while still a student at New York University where he received his M.D. degree. He worked at the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research from 1935-1939. From 1939 through 1969, Dr. Sabin was successively Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Professor of Research Pediatrics, and Distinguished Service Professor at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine and The Children's Ho...

Yager, Robert Eugene, 1930-.... (person)

Horsfall, Frank Lappin (1906-1971). (person)

Dr. Horsfall was with the Rockefeller Hospital from 1934 to 1937 and rejoined the Rockefeller Institute in 1941. Horsfall's work at the Rockefeller Hospital centered on immunological reactions between pneumococcal capsular polysaccharides and the antibodies to them produced by immunization of various animals. His studies resulted in the use of rabbit antisera over that of horse serum as standard pneumonia treatment. He was affiliated with the organization until 1960 when he became president and ...

TenBroeck, Carl, 1885-1966. (person)

Flexner, Simon, 1863-1946 (person)

Simon Flexner was a physician, administrator, professor of pathology at the University of Pennsylvania, director of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research (1901-1935). From the description of Papers, 1891-1946. (American Philosophical Society Library). WorldCat record id: 122535412 Rufus Ivory Cole served as the the director and physician-in-charge (1909-1937) of the Hospital of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, the first hospital in the United States d...

Morgan, Isabel (person)

Castelnuovo, Gina. (person)

Sadow, A. A. (person)

WAGENER, KURT H. (person)

Ascoli, Alberto (person)

Blumstein, Alexandre. (person)

Sigerist, Henry E. (Henry Ernest), 1891-1957 (person)

Henry E. Sigerist was born in Paris, France in 1891. He studied in Europe, served in the Swiss Army Corps, and received his M.D. from the University of Zurich in 1917. He was lecturer and professor of history of medicine at Zurich (1921-1924) and the University of Leipzig (1925-1932). He then served as professor and director of the Institute of the History of Medicine at Johns Hopkins University (1932-1947), before becoming a research associate at Yale University (1947-1957). Sigerist published ...

Gasser, Herbert S. (Herbert Spencer), 1888-1963 (person)

Physiologist (1888-1963). Professor of Pharmacology, Washington University School of Medicine, 1921-1931. Professor of Physiology and head of the Medical Department, Cornell University, 1931-1935. Director of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, 1935-1953. Gasser and Joseph Erlanger were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1944. From the description of Herbert S. Gasser papers, 1914-1964. 1914-1964. (Washington University in St. Louis). WorldCat record id:...

Mudd, Stuart, 1893- (person)

Medical researcher, educator and author; faculty, School of Medicine, U. of Pennsylvania, (1925-1959); chairman, Department of Bacteriology, (1931-1951); chairman, Department of Microbiology, (1951-1959); had a significant role in developing the freeze-drying process of preserving blood plasma. From the description of Articles, 1939-1960. (University of Pennsylvania). WorldCat record id: 122543515 ...

Sabin, Florence Rena, 1871-1953 (person)

George Washington Corner worked as an anatomist, endocrinologist, and medical historian. From the guide to the George Washington Corner papers, 1889-1981, 1903-1982, (American Philosophical Society) Physician and research scientist. Born in Central City, Colorado. Studied at Johns Hopkins Medical School. First woman to become a full professor there. First woman elected to the National Academy of Sciences. Research focused on lymphatic system, blood vessels and cells and tube...

Whipple, George Hoyt, 1878-1976 (person)

G.H. Whipple was founding dean of the Univ. of Rochester School of Medicine & Dentistry. In 1934 he received the Nobel Prize in medicine & physiology for his work in the treatment of anemia. From the description of Papers, 1915-1976. (University of Rochester Medical Center). WorldCat record id: 22301256 George Washington Corner worked as an anatomist, endocrinologist, and medical historian. From the guide to the George Washington Corner papers, 1889-1981,...

Bronk, Detlev W. (Detlev Wulf), 1897-1975 (person)

Scientist and educator, Detlev W. Bronk was born in New York City in 1897. He received the B.A. from Swarthmore College in 1920, the M.S. in physics in 1922, and the Ph.D. in physics and physiology, both from the University of Michigan. From 1928 to 1929, as a Fellow of the National Research Council, he conducted studies with English scientists E.D. Adrian and A. V. Hill on the mode of discharge of impulses by motor nerve cells and shed light on many problems of sensory physiology a...

Weller, Carl Vernon, 1887-1969 (person)

Wyckoff, Ralph W. G. (Ralph Walter Graystone), 1897-1994 (person)

Wycoff died in 1994. From the description of Reminiscences of Ralph W. G. Wyckoff, ca. 1962. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 78201735 ...

Givens, H. C. (person)

Jones, E. Elizabeth. (person)

Leung, K. D. (person)

Edsall, Geoffrey (person)