James O. Davidson papers, 1885-1919.


Davidson, James O., 1854-1922. James O. Davidson papers, 1885-1919.

James O. Davidson papers, 1885-1919.

Papers of James O. Davidson, a Wisconsin state treasurer, 1899-1903, lieutenant governor, 1903-1906, governor, 1906-1911, and president of the state board of control, 1915-1919. The bulk of the collection comprises correspondence, speeches, and letter books, and deals with state political affairs for the years 1906-1910, including relations between Davidson and Robert M. La Follette in 1905-1906 and the campaign of 1906, the John Deitz "battle" at Cameron Dam in 1906 and reverberations in years following, patronage, campaign funds raised by game wardens in 1908, routine matters of state administration, complaints, pardon and parole matters, and civil service policies. Material for years preceding 1906 relates to Davidson's campaign for state treasurer, patronage, and routine matters connected with administration of the state treasury. Among the correspondents for this period are Joseph W. Babcock, Albert R. Hall, Samuel Harper, William D. Hoard, and Atley Peterson. Letters after 1910 relate to efforts of Davidson to obtain a federal appointment, pardon and parole matters, and an investigation of the Wisconsin School for the Deaf. Correspondence on a number of Davidson's small-scale business operations is scattered throughout the collection.

8.8 c.f. (36 archives boxes and 5 flat boxes)

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Robert Marion La Follette Sr. (June 14, 1855 – June 18, 1925), colloquially known as Fighting Bob, was an American lawyer and politician. He represented Wisconsin in both chambers of Congress and served as the Governor of Wisconsin. A Republican for most of his career, he ran for President of the United States as the nominee of his own Progressive Party in the 1924 presidential election. Historian John D. Buenker describes La Follette as "the most celebrated figure in Wisconsin history." Born...

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Hall, A. R. (Albert R.), 1842-1905

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Rose, David S., 1856-1932

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Wisconsin School for the Deaf

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The Wisconsin Institute for the Education of the Deaf and Dumb opened in Delavan in 1852, administered by a board of trustees. In 1885, the institution's name was changed to the Wisconsin School for the Deaf (chapter 56). The administrator of the school was also placed under the Board of Control (WIHV85-A2106) at this time. In 1937 the Legislature transferred the school's administration to the Dept. of Public Instruction (WIHV86-A116). In the Wisconsin State Archives' database this form of the a...

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Harper, Samuel Albert, 1853-1898.

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Peterson, Atley.

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The State Board of Control was created by Chapter 221, Laws of 1891, as the State Board of Control of Wisconsin Reformatory, Charitable and Penal Institutions. It assumed the duties of the former State Board of Charities and Reform (WIHV88-A416) and the State Board of Supervision of Wisconsin Charitable, Reformatory, and Penal Institutions (WIHV87-A1267). The State Board of Control was abolished as an independent agency in 1939 and its functions were assumed by divisions of the newl...

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Connor, William D., 1864-1944.

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Davidson, James O., 1854-1922

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Babcock, J. W. (Joseph Weeks), 1850-1909

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