Spoglio del Nicola Paracciani Clarelli, [18--]-[18--].


Spoglio del Nicola Paracciani Clarelli, [18--]-[18--].

The collection mirrors Clarelli's ecclesiastical life. There appears to be little in the four buste concerning many of the roles he had. There are materials that concern his work in Portugal, his service with the Consulta, the Congregazione delle Acque, the Congregazione dei Vescovi e Regolari, the Segreteria dei Brevi, the Fabbrica di San Pietro, the Congregazione Cardinalizia ad referendum Brefotrofio di S. Spirito, the Camera, and other offices and congregations of the Holy See.

4 buste.


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This congregation is generally known simply as Bishops and Regulars. Its origin can be traced to the cardinalatial commission set up by Pius V (1566-1572) under the apostolic visitor, Bartolomeo di Porcia in 1570, to examine relations with the patriarch of Aquileia. The commission continued to function even after its initial task had been accomplished. Gregory XIII (1572-1585), recognizing the usefulness of these visits, used it for other purposes from 1573 to 1576, particularly for...

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This congregation is better known by its Italian name, the Fabbrica di San Pietro. On April 18, 1506, Pope Julius II laid the first stone of the great new basilica dedicated to St. Peter that was to replace the first basilica constructed by Constantine the Great. By the bull Admonet nos suscepti of December 12, 1523, Pope Clement VII formally established the Reverenda Fabbrica di San Pietro in the Vatican, an administrative entity to provide for the basilica's reconstruction and sub...

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The office of secretarius intimus (private secretary) was entrusted by Leo X (1513-1521) to Pietro Ardighello, an assistant to Cardinal Giulio de' Medici (the future Clement VII [1523-1534] and a cousin of Leo X), who took over the direction of foreign affairs dealing with all correspondence in the vernacular, especially with the apostolic nuncios who were entrusted by that time with diplomatic missions of a permanent character. The correspondence was carried on in the name but no longer under t...

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The Apostolic Camera, one of the most ancient of the offices of the Roman Curia, was originally responsible for the administration of the temporalities and revenues of the Holy See. Although the term Camera appeared for the first time in Benedict VIII's constitution Quoties illa a Nobis (24 May 1017), some authors state it was the continuation of an office that had existed and been known for a long time as palatium or fiscus under the direction of the archdeacon who remained at the ...

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