Biography clippings : "L" [surname] folder 1893-2005.


Biography clippings : "L" [surname] folder 1893-2005.

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Monterey Public Library

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Monterey Public Library. California History Room. (corporateBody)

Many of the clippings were compiled during the 1930s and 1940s. These were incorporated into the present file dating from the 1950s, with the staff making substantial additions until the file was closed to clippings from the Monterey County Herald in 1995. Subsequent articles and obituaries published in the Herald from January 1, 1995, through June 30, 2003, may be found in the Herald Index on the Libraryʼs catalog. With the exception of the Monterey Herald (available on microfilm), various othe...

Lindbergh, Charles A. (Charles Augustus), 1902-1974 (person)

Charles Augustus Lindbergh (February 4, 1902 – August 26, 1974) was an American aviator, military officer, author, inventor, and activist. At the age of 25 in 1927, he went from obscurity as a U.S. Air Mail pilot to instantaneous world fame by winning the Orteig Prize for making a nonstop flight from New York City to Paris. Lindbergh covered the ​33 1⁄2-hour, 3,600-statute-mile (5,800 km) flight alone in a purpose-built, single-engine Ryan monoplane, the Spirit of St. Louis. While the first non-...

Lowery, Edward E. (person)

Leidig, Isabel Martin. (person)

Littlefield, Robert (person)

Larkin Family. (family)

Lang, Lady Jack. (person)

Linkenbach, Grace. (person)

Leese, William A. (person)

Lyons, Aaron. (person)

Leese, Delia Martin. (person)

Lehmann, Walter M. (person)

Ludden, Allen, 1917-1981 (person)

Lester, Francis (person)

Leach, Howard Seavoy, 1887- (person)

Robert B. Honeyman (1897-1987) was graduated from Lehigh University in 1920 as a metallurgical engineer and began collecting rare books soon after his graduation. In 1955, Honeyman and his wife Marian Stewart Honeyman gave Lehigh University an extensive collection of American and British literature establishing the Honeyman Collection. Howard Seavoy Leach (1887-1948) was Head Librarian at Lehigh University from 1924-1948 and caretaker of Honeyman's first gifts of individual rare books in the 192...

Lagana, Tony. (person)

Lemas, Dolores. (person)

Leavitt, Linden G. Dr. (person)

Lynn, Mary Ann. (person)

Lyman, Edward Kenneth. (person)

Lyon, Horace (person)

Lovejoy, Ritch (Ritchie) (person)

Lucido, Erasimo Salvatore. (person)

Laub, Paul (person)

Leidig, Ted, 1944-2008 (person)

Lucido, Settemo Enea. (person)

Lucido, Angela Ferrante. (person)

Lovgren, Bernard N. Rev. (person)

Lick, James, 1796-1876 (person)

Lloyd, David W., 1949- (person)

Lyon, Lawrence., Mrs. (person)

Laphan, Dudley. (person)

Lowe, Freda. (person)

Lassater, Roy Maj. (person)

Lesch, James Floyd. (person)

Lopes family. (family)

Leira, John. (person)

Leveque, Edward. (person)

Layton, Donald W. (person)

Leker, Frank Leonard. (person)

Loudon, Delphine. (person)

Lockwood, George, 1929- (person)

Lamar, Rudolph R. (person)

Leoni, Grace Madeleine Powers. (person)

Londahl, Marvin T. (person)

Long, Richard Joseph (person)

LaRouche, Lyndon H. (Lyndon Hermyle) (person)

Langdon, Horace. (person)

Leary, Timothy, 1920-1996 (person)

b. Oct. 22, 1920, Springfield, Mass.; d. May 31, 1996, Los Angeles; American writer, psychologist, computer software designer, and advocate of psychedelic drug research and use. From the description of The seven levels of pleasure : unedited studio sessions / Timothy Leary, 1969. (University of Michigan). WorldCat record id: 81303143 From the description of Timothy Leary : sound recordings / 1969. (University of Michigan). WorldCat record id: 81303113 American-born ...

Logie, Marc J. (person)

Love, Winona Nancy. (person)

Lindsay, M. Augusta Joyce. (person)

Leach, Ruth. (person)

Lacey, L. D. (person)

Lucas, Mary Grimes. (person)

Leisdesorff, William A. (person)

Lyon, Harry, Jr. (person)

LeMasters, Frank R. (person)

Lippincott, Benjamin E. (Benjamin Evans), 1902- (person)

Benjamin S. Lippincott travelled overland to California with the Bryant party. He helped to raise recruits during the Mexican War and served as lieutenant of Company H, California Battalion. He lived in San Francisco in 1847, served in California constitutional convention of 1849, represented San Joaquin County in the first state legislature, and represented Calaveras County in the legislatures of 1855 and 1861. From the description of Benjamin S. Lippincott letters : ALS, 1847-1851....

Lengfeld, Helen. (person)

Lauer, Walter Ernest Gen. (person)

Laiolo, Barney. (person)

Littlefield, Emma (person)

Lioi, Albert Justin. (person)

Lucke, Marie Eugenie Escolle. (person)

Lunde, William O. (person)

Leffingwell, Ernest De Koven, 1876-1971. (person)

Little, Mary E (person)

Liese, Herbert. (person)

Lybarger, Farran. (person)

LaPorte, William R. (person)

Lehmann, Hans Ulrich, 1937-2013 (person)

Lunt, Charles, Jr. (person)

Little, Walter Colton. (person)

LaFler, Harry (person)

LeMasters, Emilia. (person)

Lucido, Frank Enea. (person)

Larkin, Thomas Oliver (person)

Lloyd, Francis Llewellyn. (person)

Lamb, Clarence (person)

Lagorio, Elena. (person)

La Loca, Juana. (person)

Loero, Cottardo J. (person)

Lucido, Salvatore. (person)

Larkin, Thomas Oliver, 1802-1858 (person)

Thomas O. Larkin (1802-1858) was a merchant who settled in Monterey, California, who later became U.S. consul (1844-48) and served as a delegate to the California Constitutional Convention in 1849. From the description of Letter from Thomas Oliver Larkin to Job Francis Dye and party, 1845 Aug. 10. (Huntington Library, Art Collections & Botanical Gardens). WorldCat record id: 122499643 Thomas O. Larkin, early California pioneer, arrived in California in 1832. Became succe...

Lee, Harriett Stoddard. (person)

Lacy, William, Sr. (person)

Lincoln, Herman Clarence. (person)

Lowitz, Anson (person)

Little, Lawson, 1934- (person)

Lambert, T. J., Mrs. (person)

Linehan, D. Patrick. (person)

Lovejoy, Natalya Kashavaroff (Tal) (person)

Lederer, Edward R. (person)

Lewis, Herbert Taylor. (person)

Lee, William T. (person)

Lang, James H. (James Henry), 1921- (person)

Large, Jean Henry (person)

Sister of Lou Henry Hoover. From the description of Jean Henry Large miscellaneous papers, ca. 1850-1951. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 754869177 ...

Larios, Manuel. (person)

Lane, Alice James. (person)

Layton, Edwin T. Admiral. (person)

Lemon, Blanche E. (person)

Littlefield, Henry Wilson (person)

Lugones, Manuel (Manuel G.) (person)

Lewis, Harold Randolph, 1941- (person)

Lux, Henry. (person)

Lambert, Thomas Grafton. (person)

Lloyd, David P. C. (person)

Layton, Charles (person)

Lugo Family. (family)

Linsley, Mabel L. (person)

Little, David Spence. (person)

LaPorte, Jean Maria. (person)

Leese, Jacob Premier. (person)

Lombardo, Nick. (person)

Lord, Jane. (person)

Lang, John Cooper. (person)

Lowry, George G. (person)

Lorenzana, Faustina. (person)

Littlefield, Charles E. (Charles Edgar), 1851-1915 (person)

Lee, Han Sang. (person)

Lively, Ira. (person)

Legg, Sarah Martha. (person)

LaCauza, Mary Ann. (person)

Lang, Nancy A. (person)

Lyttle, Frances Doud Baker. (person)

Lansing, Donald L. (person)

Lewis, Katherine, 1979- (person)

Lockwood, Belva Ann, 1830-1917 (person)

Belva Ann Bennett Lockwood (October 24, 1830 – May 19, 1917) was an American attorney, politician, educator, and author. She was active in working for women's rights, including women's suffrage. Lockwood overcame many social and personal obstacles related to gender restrictions. After college, she became a teacher and principal, working to equalize pay for women in education. She supported the movement for world peace, and was a proponent of the Temperance movement. Lockwood graduated from la...

Littlefield, Mary Ann (person)

Leigh, John Wikham. (person)

Lockhart, Brooks. (person)

Leese, Edward Richard. (person)

Lukas, John Robert Admiral. (person)

Lippitt, Frances J. (person)

LaPerouse, Jean Francois Gallait De. (person)

Lawson, Stanley J. (person)

Lawrey, Fred E. (person)

Leese, David. (person)

Livingstone, John, 1925- (person)

Little, Milton Coffin. (person)

Lewis, Manuelita. (person)

Lloyd, Marjory. (person)

Londahl, Evelyn Z. (person)

Lattimore, Dee. (person)

Leeper, Edward A. (person)

Luce, Elsie Zoellin. (person)

Leach, Rupert P. (person)

Lauritson, Edna M. (person)

Long, Glen C. (person)

Littlefield, Edward E. (person)

Lepport, Laurencine. (person)

Lucido, Anthony N. (Slats) (person)

Law, Rick. (person)

Logan, William H.G. (person)

Logan, Thomas J. (person)

Lopes, George (person)

Lee, Benjamin A., 1867-1943 (person)

Lipman, Thomas A. (person)

Leach, E. J. (person)

Lamb, Bud. (person)

Laky, Laz. (person)

Lubic, Konstantin. (person)

Lang, F. A., Mrs. (person)

Leppert, Henry Jacques. (person)

Lago, Manuel, 1955- (person)

Leach, Jack F. (person)

Lillie, W. (William) (person)

Epithet: of Egerton MS 2644 British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001197.0x00010e ...

Luz, Manuel. (person)

Lawson, James William. (person)

Lacey, Isabel. (person)

Lysle, Barbara. (person)

Law, Hartland (person)

LaCauza, Frank Emilio. (person)

Lindsay-Oliver, Mary. (person)

La Vega, Joaquin Diaz. (person)

Luce, Allen L. (person)

Little, Milton A. (person)

Limantour, Joseph Yves. (person)

Lucido, Angelo. (person)

Love, William DeLoss, 1851-1918 (person)

Lusignan, Harry R. (person)

Layton, Charlotte A. ca. 1825-1896 (person)

Lum, Sabrina. (person)

Lyons, Jimmy, 1931-1986 (person)

Leimert, Lucille. (person)

Locicero, Theodore. (person)

Little Deal Alexander. (person)

Lawrey, Magaret Elizabeth Dickinson. (person)

Lagorio, Elmer. (person)

Lefler, Dale (person)