Herbert Eugene Walter papers, 1885-1948 and n.d.


Herbert Eugene Walter papers, 1885-1948 and n.d.

Consists of correspondence, notes, notebooks, an autobiography, printed material, and an autograph album, dating from 1885 to 1948. The collection documents the education and career of Herbert Eugene Walter, including his studies at Bates College, Brown University, Harvard University, and Universität Freiburg im Breisgau; his teaching experiences in the Chicago public school system; his tenure as professor of biology at Brown University; and his professional activities in academic and professional organizations. The collection also documents Walter's personal life. The Letters received by H.E. Walter series, which is arranged alphabetically by the name of the correspondent, includes letters from Charles Harlan Abbott, the American Eugenics Society, Clarence Augustus Barbour, Charles Benedict Davenport, Ruthven Deane, William Herbert Perry Faunce, Reginald Gordon Harris, William Williams Keen, Sidney Issac Kornhauser, Albert Davis Mead, Axel Leonard Melander, Elizabeth Barrett Peabody and James Edward Peabody, Ralph W. Tower, Oliver S. Wescott, Worrallo Whitney, and James Walter Wilson. The H.E. Walter Student notes series, which is arranged by course subjects, includes lecture notes and notebooks from Bates College, Brown University, Universität Freiburg im Breisgau, and Harvard University. The lectures at Freiburg were given by Franz Keibel, Hofrat Steinmann, Radi Emmanuel, Robert Ernest Edward Wiedersheim, [Ernst?] Ziegler, August Weismann, August Gruber, Eugen Baumann, and Professor Fritze. The subseries of the Lecture note series are arranged either by subject or by course title and date. Lecture notes for courses taught by Walter include outlines, review hints and exams. The lecture subjects include comparative anatomy of vertebrates, invertebrate zoology, natural history, genetics, eugenics, and ornithology. The Books by H.E. Walter series includes annotated copies of Biology : the story of living things and Genetics : an introduction to the study of heredity. One copy of Genetics is the Japanese edition and it is accompanied by letters concerning the translation of the book from English into Japanese. The Family papers includes a copybook and school records that belonged to Walter's father.

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