Correspondence, 1865-1913, "Bird" to "Clancy".


Ward, Lester Frank, 1841-1913. Correspondence, 1865-1913, "Bird" to "Clancy".

Correspondence, 1865-1913, "Bird" to "Clancy".

Letters from correspondents "Bird" to "Clancy".

Approximately 5,800 items.

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Bryan, O. W. (person)

Bird, William G. (person)

Burgess, Edward Sandford, 1855-1928 (person)

The collection of manuscripts is named for Edward Sandford Burgess (1855-1928), the original owner and builder of the collection. From the description of Edward Burgess manuscript collection. ca. 1101-1900. (University of Oregon Libraries). WorldCat record id: 64400848 Edward Sandford Burgess, son of Chalon and Emma Burgess, was born in Little Valley, New York on Jan. 19, 1855. A graduate of Hamilton College in 1879, for the next 15 years Burgess taught botany, Latin and oth...

Choffat, Paul, 1849-1919 (person)

Carter, S. Augusta. (person)

Carruthers, William (person)

Epithet: Keeper of Botany British Museum British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000349.0x00007e ...

Bryce, Philip (person)

Candolle, Casimir, 1836-1918. (person)

Blackman, William Fremont, 1855-1932 (person)

Educator, priest, author, conservationist, banker, farmer and college president. From the description of Blackman Papers 1904-1930 1904-1915. (Rollins College - Brevard Campus). WorldCat record id: 24178614 ...

Brazeau, Theodore W., (person)

Campbell, Helen Stuart, 1839- (person)

Butt, Jean S. G. (person)

Candolle, Alphonse Louis Pierre Pyramusde, 1806-1893. (person)

Cattell, James McKeen, 1860-1944 (person)

Rufus Ivory Cole served as the the director and physician-in-charge (1909-1937) of the Hospital of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, the first hospital in the United States devoted primarily to the investigation of disease. Cole's medical research centered on problems relating to immunity to diseases of the respiratory system, particularly pneumonia From the guide to the Rufus Ivory Cole papers, ca. 1900-1966, 1900-1966, (American Philosophical Society) Cattell...

Chamberlain, T.C. (person)

Clancy, M. A. (person)

Brockhaus, F.A. (person)

Blackwell, Antoinette Louisa Brown, 1825-1921 (person)

Antoinette Louisa Brown, later Antoinette Brown Blackwell (May 20, 1825 – November 5, 1921), was the first woman to be ordained as a mainstream Protestant minister in the United States. She was a well-versed public speaker on the paramount issues of her time and distinguished herself from her contemporaries with her use of religious faith in her efforts to expand women's rights. Brown was born the youngest of seven in Henrietta, New York, to Joseph Brown and Abby Morse. Brown was recognized as...

Carus, Paul, 1852-1919 (person)

Brooks, John Graham, 1846-1938 (person)

Unitarian minister, writer on social and economic topics, and founder of the National Consumers' League, Brooks attended Oberlin College and received a degree in divinity from Harvard in 1875. He lectured for the League for Political Education, investigated strikes for the U.S. Dept. of Labor, and studied in Germany. From the description of Papers, 1845-1938 (inclusive). (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 232006931 Unitarian minister, writer on social and economic top...

Boruch, J. (person)

Brewer, F. W. (person)

Caird, Edward (person)

Churchill, J. R. (person)

Chamberlain, Leander Trowbridge, 1837- (person)

Britton, Nathaniel Lord, 1859-1984. (person)

Blackmar, F. W. (person)

Cape, Emily Palmer, 1865-1953 (person)

In November, 1926, 60 year-old Emily Palmer (Mrs. Henry) Cape embarked upon a round the world cruise aboard the S.S. Belgenland, a ship of the Red Star Line. Departing from her native New York City on December 14, 1926, the cruise was scheduled to last 132 days, passing through the Panama Canal into the Pacific, and touching at Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Honolulu, before heading to Asia. The Belgenland offered a routine typical of luxury cruises of the 1920s, though...

Bruner, Lawrence (person)

Bruner was an eminent entomologist, specializing in orthoptera; born Mar. 2, 1856, in Catasauga, Penn.; moved to Omaha, Neb., with his family soon after his birth and to West Point, Neb., 1870; appointed field assistant to the U.S. Entomological Commission, 1878; appointed entomologist of the Nebraska Experiment Station, 1888; appointed professor of entomology and ornithology, University of Nebraska, 1895; awarded honorary B.S., University of Nebraska, 1897; elected president of the American Ass...

Case, Isaac L. (person)

Brown, Corinne S. (person)

Campbell, Douglas Houghton, 1859-1953 (person)

Professor of Botany on Stanford's first faculty (1891-1925; emeritus 1925-1953) and authority on the structure and reproduction of mosses and ferns. From the description of Douglas Houghton Campbell papers, 1888-1953. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 701289710 Biographical/Historical Sketch Professor of Botany on Stanford's first faculty (1891-1925; emeritus 1925-1953) and authority on the structure and reproduction of moss...

Blair, Thomas S. (person)

Bureau, Edouard, 1830-1918. (person)

Canfield, Charles K. (person)

Ward, Lester Frank, 1841-1913 (person)

Sociologist. From the description of Lester Frank Ward papers, 1883-1906. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 70980247 Lester Frank Ward (1841-1913) served as a geologist and paleontologist with the United States Geological Survey (USGS) from 1882 to 1905. In addition to his USGS career, Ward served as Honorary Curator of the Department of Fossil Plants in the United States National Museum (USNM) during the same span of years. In 1905, Ward accepted a faculty appointment at Brown...

Burnett, W. H. (person)

Buckley, Edmund (person)

Brooks, W. K. (person)

Burnett, Swan M. (Swan Moses), 1847-1906 (person)

Physician. From the description of Swan M. Burnett receipt, 1891. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 79452365 ...

Bosco, Aldo (person)

Brett, George P. (George Platt), 1858-1936 (person)

Epithet: president the Macmillan Co New York British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000974.0x000005 ...

Chamberlain, Mellen. (person)

Burton, A. C. J. (person)

Broda, Rudolphe. (person)

Branford, V. V. (person)

Carver, T. N. (person)

Branner, J. C. (person)

Boshniack, E. I. (person)

Bucke, R. M. (person)

Capellini, Giovanni (person)