[Audiotape collection] [sound recording]. 1979-1981.


[Audiotape collection] [sound recording]. 1979-1981.

Collection consists of audio interviews conducted by Frances Kolb with past National Organization for Women (NOW) officers and members, regarding the formation of NOW and their roles in the organization. Kolb conducted the interviews in preparation for a book on the history of NOW.

30 sound cassettes : analog.

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Heide, Wilma Scott, 1921-1985

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Wilma Scott Heide (February 26, 1921 – May 8, 1985) was an American feminist author and social activist who was a leader in the feminist movement in the United States. Heide was involved in the Pittsburgh Press case that ended the practice of listing separate help wanted ads for men and women, decided in 1973 by the Supreme Court of the United States in Pittsburgh Press Co. v. Pittsburgh Commission on Human Relations. She also served as the third national President of the National Organization f...

Kolb, Frances Arick

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Frances (Arick) Kolb, an educational consultant and historian, was born in 1937 in Worcester, Massachusetts. She attended Brandeis University from 1954 to 1956 before receiving her B.A. in history and secondary education from Washington University (1958), her master's degree in American civilization from the University of Pennsylvania (1959), and her Ph.D. in history from Washington University (1972). She was married to and divorced from Zivon Cohen. She later married Alfred ...

Boyer, Gene (Genevieve Cohen), 1925-2003

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Boyer, born Gene Cohen in 1925, grew up in an Orthodox Jewish family in Milwaukee. She learned business skills at a young age from her father, who managed a number of shoe stores, and went on to study journalism at UW-Madison. In 1945, Gene married Burt Boyer. The couple opened a furniture store in Beaver Dam and ran it successfully for 32 years. Although she was an equal partner in the business, Gene was excluded from the local chamber of commerce because she was a woman. That experience mov...

Alexander, Dolores, 1931-2008

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Dolores Alexander (August 10, 1931 – May 13, 2008) was a lesbian feminist, writer, and reporter. Alexander was the only Executive Director of the National Organization for Women (NOW) to have resigned because of the homophobic beliefs in the early inception of NOW. She co-opened the feminist restaurant "Mother Courage" with Jill Ward. Until her death, in 2008, she continued to believe in the need for the women's rights movement in contemporary times, stating that "It's bigotry, and I don't know ...

East, Catherine Shipe, 1916-1996

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Catherine Shipe East (May 15, 1916 – August 17, 1996) was a U.S. government researcher and feminist referred to as "the midwife to the women's movement". She was a powerful force behind the founding of the National Organization for Women (NOW) and held several influential federal government positions throughout her career. Catherine Shipe East was born on May 15, 1916, in Barboursville, West Virginia to Bertha Woody and Ulysses Grant Shipe. She was the oldest of three children. Her mother suf...

Rawalt, Marguerite, 1895-1989

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Dr. Marguerite Rawalt (16 October 1895 – 16 December 1989) was an American writer and lawyer who lobbied in Congress on behalf of women's rights. She worked for the Internal Revenue Service for 30 years, and served on the board of directors for numerous interest groups relating to women's rights issues. Rawalt was a member of the National Presbyterian Church. Rawalt was the oldest of three children, and was born in Prairie City, Illinois. Her family eventually moved to Texas and settled there...

Neiss, Connie Gilbert,

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Connell, Noreen

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Bonk, Kathy, 1953-

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Kathy Bonk was coordinator of the National Organization for Women's Media Task Force. In 1988 she founded Communications Consortium Media Center, a nonprofit organization helping other organizations use communications strategies for policy change. From the description of Papers of NOW officers, 1975-1988 (inclusive). (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 122593230 ...

Eastwood, Mary O., 1930-

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A lawyer employed by the federal government, Eastwood was active in the formation of the National Organization for Women (NOW); a board member of Human Rights for Women (HRW), an organization formed in 1968 to help finance sex discrimination litigation and research projects on women's issues; and a member of Federally Employed Women (FEW), a group that sought an end to sex discrimination in the federal government. From the description of Papers, 1915-1982 (inclusive), 1945-1982 (bulk...

National Organization for Women

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The National Organization for Women (NOW) was formed in Washington D.C. in 1966, and incorporated in 1967. The organization was formed to bring women into full participation in the mainstream of society, assuming all privileges and responsibilities in fully equal partnership with men. Local chapters were formed throughout the country and task forces were set up to deal with problems of women in areas such as employment, education, religion, poverty, law, politics, and image in the media....

Feiger, Sheila,

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Spalding, Elizabeth

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Elizabeth Coxe Spalding (ca.1921-2001) was head of the National Organization for Women's Task Force on Marriage, Family Relations, and Divorce (1973-1976), and president of the NOW chapter in Hartford, Conn. She was also a member of Connecticut's Permanent Commission on the Status of Women, chairing their committee to pass the equal protection amendment to the state constitution in 1974. From the description of Papers of NOW officers, 1970-1977 (inclusive). (Harvard University). Worl...

Fox, Muriel, 1928-

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Goldstein, Joanna, 1952-

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Faust, Jeanne, 1968-...

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Lonnquist, Judith.

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Bendorf, Jeane

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Wood, Nan Elizabeth, 1942-

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Pratt, Annis

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Author; Poet; Political activist; English Professor From the description of Annis Pratt papers, 1954-2005 (Smith College). WorldCat record id: 477408552 Annis Vilas Pratt earned her A.B. from Smith College (1958), her M.A. from the University of Wisconsin (1959), and her Ph.D. from Columbia University (1965). Her dissertation topic was the early prose of Dylan Thomas. After completing her Ph.D., Pratt taught English literature at Emory University from 1965 to 1967, at Spelma...

Reckitt, Lois.

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Fuller, Georgia E.

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Georgia Fuller was appointed co-coordinator of the National Organization for Women's Ecumenical Task Force on Women and Religion in 1976. In the early 1980s, she was part of a group of women from the Arlington, Virginia, area that participated in a series of high profile protests in order to advance the Equal Rights Amendment. From the description of Papers of NOW officers, 1973-1977 (inclusive). (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 122521483 ...

Desaram, Carol,

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Crater, Flora

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Political campaign worker. From the description of Papers of Flora Crater, 1951-1973. (University of Virginia). WorldCat record id: 30793587 Woman activist in Virginia politics. From the description of Papers of Flora Crater [manuscript], 1976-1991. (University of Virginia). WorldCat record id: 647833772 From the description of Papers of Flora Crater [manuscript], 1956-1960, 1970-1983. (University of Virginia). WorldCat record id: 647914758 Virg...

Bernard, Shirley, 1928-

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An active member of the National Organization for Women, Bernard was Western Membership Task Force chair (1967), co-convener of Orange County (Calif.) NOW (1968-1969), on the national board (1968-1972), and Western Regional director (1970-1972). She earned a Ph.D. in women's studies from Union Graduate School (1975), and taught at Fullerton College in California. Bernard was also a founder of the Southern California branch of the National Women's Political Caucus and California Women in Higher E...

Tully-Crenshaw Feminist Oral History Project.

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The Tully-Crenshaw Feminist Oral History Project was initiated and funded in 1990 by Mary Jean Tully in honor of her mother, Maude Gresham Crenshaw, in conjunction with the Schlesinger Library. Its goal was to document the founding and development of the National Organization for Women (NOW) and NOW Legal Defense & Education Fund, as well as the role of Betty Friedan in NOW, and Friedan's legacy in the women's movement. Each interview highlights the issues, policies, decisions, ...

Komisar, Lucy, 1942-

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Lucy Komisar was born in the Bronx in April 1942. She participated in several activities on behalf of civil rights, including editing the Mississippi Free Press for one year. From the description of Komisar (Lucy) civil rights collection, 1961-1991 (bulk 1961-1964). (University of Southern Mississippi, Regional Campus). WorldCat record id: 57600042 Freelance writer and editor, Lucy Komisar was vice president for public relations for the National Organization for Women (1970-...

Pride, Anne.

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Myers, Mary Lynn.

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Gardner, Jo-Ann Evans,

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Darcy, Lynne

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A lawyer and activist in the National Organization for Women, Lynne Darcy served as treasurer of Central New Jersey NOW (ca.1970-1971), coordinator of the Central New Jersey NOW Employment Task Force (ca.1970-1973), and as coordinator of NOW's Task Force on Compliance and Enforcement (1973-1976), which was originally called the Task Force on Equal Opportunity in Employment and which was established at the 1966 NOW organizing conference in Washington, D.C. She was also coordinator of NOW's Task F...

Trainor, Patricia

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Styers, Aleta

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Berry, Betty Blaisdell.

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Berry (B.A., Smith College, 1944; M.A., New York University, 1968) was national coordinator of the Marriage and Divorce Task Force of the National Organization for Women, 1968-1973. As coordinator, she founded and edited the task force newsletter and developed and conducted numerous workshops on marriage and divorce. Berry was active in the New York chapter of NOW as recording secretary (1967-1968) and as chair of the chapter's Marriage and the Family Committee (1967-1971). In 1974 she received ...

Decrow, Karen

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Adams, Whitney, 1946-

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Seidenberg, Faith.

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Lawyer Faith Seidenberg was legal vice president of the National Organization for Women. She was also legal counsel for the Congress of Racial Equality (1965-1966) and director of the national board of the American Civil Liberties Union. From the description of Papers of NOW officers, 1969-1977 (inclusive). (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 122421452 ...

Clarenbach, Kathryn F.

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As director of continuing education at the University of Wisconsin, Clarenbach initiated projects to improve women's education and to widen job opportunities through apprenticeship and vocational programs. She was a co-founder and board member of the National Organization for Women, chair of the Wisconsin Governor's Commission on the Status of Women, and the first president of the National Association of Commissions for Women. Clarenbach also chaired the convening conference of the National Wome...

Witter, Jean,

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Stanley, Nancy

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