Administrative files, 1917-[Ongoing].


Administrative files, 1917-[Ongoing].

The Dept. of Education functions to educate the population of the State of Alabama. The files consist primarily of correspondence and letters, but also contain bibliographies, curricula, leaflets, minutes of State Board of Education minutes, pamphlets, and other publications. These administrative files discuss a range of subjects regarding educational activities and planning, including the education of children from kindergarten through colleges and university level, teacher and student testing, budgeting and finance issues, the centennial of public education in Alabama in 1954, the minimum program for education, vocational education, desegregation of schools and of the school system, salaries of teachers and other school personnel, teacher retirement, school buildings, superintendents of education in counties and cities, junior and senior colleges, rural education, and many other subjects. Only about two cubic feet contain materials pertaining to the 1936-1970 era. The rest covers the 1971-1987 era.

70 cubic ft. (70 records center cartons).

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