Papers 1888-1973.


Engelhardt, Sam (Samuel Martin), 1912-1991. Papers 1888-1973.

Papers 1888-1973.

Papers, 1888-1973, containing personal, political, and Highway Department correspondence; financial records; legal documents; biographical materials; printed materials; newspaper clippings; speeches; reference files; photographs; works of art; and scrapbooks. The bulk of the collection contains materials dating from 1958 to 1963. The papers of Sam Engelhardt are a combination of personal and political papers and Highway Department records. Separation of the Highway Department records from the private papers is not feasible, as no distinction was made between public records and private papers in Engelhardt's filing system. His interests as a politician, as chairman of the State Democratic Executive Committee, and as highway director were so interwoven that any attempt to further separate the public records from the private materials would destroy the integrity of the collection. The records are arranged into four subgroups: 1. Private materials; 2. Political materials; 3. Highway Department records; and 4. General materials. The General Materials subgroup contains all of the files which fall into more than one category. Records from Engelhardt's chairmanship of the State Democratic Executive Committee have been incorporated with the State Democratic Executive Committee papers. The largest portion of the collection consists of correspondence, newspaper clippings, and scrapbooks. Primary correspondents include Robert P. Bradley, Walter H. Craig, Governor John Patterson, Congressman Frank W. Boykin, Senator Lister Hill, Senator John Sparkman, Representative George Huddleston, Respresentative George Andrews, and Representative Carl Elliott. The correspondence, clippings, and scrapbooks reflect Englehardt's position on numerous segregation and civil rights issues, state and national politics, and Highway Department matters. The financial records include receipts for personal expenses and Highway Department expense accounts and requisitions. The printed materials include political and highway-related publications, campaign materials, broadsides, and memorabilia. The speeches document Engelhardt's stand as a staunch segregationist and his work with the Highway Department. The photographs depict various people, events, and projects documenting Engelhardt's family, cotton interests, political career, and directorship of the Highway Department. All negatives have been removed from this collection and placed in the Negative collection. The remaining items in this collection further document the personal, political, and professional aspects of his life.

ca.18 cubic ft. (19 archives boxes and 10 oversized boxes).

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