Records, 1772-1875.


Records, 1772-1875.

The records of Dutilh & Wachsmuth are fragments acquired in fourteen dealer's lots. The records as a whole document the trade between Philadelphia and major European, West Indian, and American port cities. Commodities traded include: sugar, cigars, coffee, indigo, flour, drugs, wine, candles, gunpowder, cotton, silk, logwood, butter, lard and glass. The records include letters, accounts, invoices, bills of lading, drafts and marine insurance policies.

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The mercantile firm of Dutilh & Wachsmuth was established in Philadelphia in 1790 and was dissolved ca. 1798-1799. Etienne Dutilh was born in France in 1748 and came to Philadelphia in 1783, after a career as a merchant in Rotterdam and London. Numerous members of the family were established as merchants in Holland, England, Smyrna, and the West Indies. E. Dutilh & Co. was established by 1784, trading primarily with the West Indies but also with Europe. John Godf...

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Dutilh, Etienne, 1748-1810 (person)

Étienne Dutilh was born to Pierre and Marie Dutilh in Marsac (also known as Clairac), France in 1732. During the 1770s, Dutilh established himself as a merchant in London and Rotterdam before immigrating to Philadelphia in 1783. Several Dutilh family members remained in Europe to continue their mercantile business in places like Amsterdam and England. As a result, Étienne Dutilh had strong trading ties to Europe for the next decades. When he came to Philadelphia, Dutilh established the mercant...

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