Correspondence, 1865-1913, "Savage" to "Sullemand".


Correspondence, 1865-1913, "Savage" to "Sullemand".

Letters from correspondents "Savage" to "Sullemand".

Approximately 2,500 items.


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Sewall, May Wright, 1844-1920 (person)

Sewall was an educator, co-founder of the Girls' Classical School of Indiana, writer, lecturer, reformer, and pacifist. She was president of the National Council of Women of the United States, 1897-1899; president of the International Council of Women, 1899-1904; Chair of the Committee for Peace and Arbitration, 1904; Chair of the Executive Committee of the Women's Suffrage Association, 1882-1890; and co-founder of the Indianapolis Equal Suffrage Society, 1878. For more biographical information ...

Spinner, Francis Elias, 1802-1890 (person)

Spinner was born in German Flats, New York. He worked in banking, then entered politics as a deputy sheriff. In 1834 he became a major-general in the New York state militia; from 1845 to 1849 he was auditor of the Port of New York. From 1855 to 1861 Spinner served three terms in the U.S. House of Representatives, and was appointed as Treasurer of the United States in 1861, a post he resigned in 1875. From the description of Papers, 1890. (Indiana Historical Society Library). WorldCat...

Sibley, Hiram L. (person)

Steele, Edward Strieby, 1850-1942 (person)

Edward Strieby Steele (1850-1942) was a botanical clerk for the U.S. Department of Agriculture. He was also an editorial assistant for the United States National Museum, Division of Plants, 1912-1918, and an assistant botanist. Smithsonian Institution Archives Field Book Project: Person : Description : rid_545_pid_EACP542 ...

Scott, W. Basil (person)

Stout, George Frederick, 1860-1944 (person)

Sherwood, Sidney. (person)

Smiley, J. B. (person)

Spencer, Herbert, 1820-1903 (person)

Born 1820; educated at Hinton Charterhouse near Bath, 1833-1836; assistant schoolmaster at Derby, 1837; worked as a draftsman and engineer during the building of the Birmingham and Gloucester Railway, 1837-1841; sub-editor of the Pilot , the organ of the Complete Suffrage Movement, 1844; occupied himself anew with engineering, 1844-1846, and experimented with mechanical inventions, 1846-1847; sub-editor of The Economist in London, 1848-1853; visited house of John Chapman, the advanced publisher,...

Schumacher, Eckart ˜vonœ (person)

Scott, Jane P. (person)

Sullemand, Const. (person)

Scudder, Paul H. (person)

Solberg, Thorvald, 1852-1949 (person)

Register of copyrights (1897-1930). From the description of Papers of Thorvald Solberg, 1882-1949. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 79449810 Thorvald Solberg was associated with the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. From the description of Letters to Horace Howard Furness, 1884. (University of Pennsylvania Library). WorldCat record id: 155884136 Biographical Note ...

Stenzel, G. (person)

Shaler, N. S. (person)

Seymour, T. D. (person)

Smithsonian Intstitution. (corporateBody)

Stewart, L. (person)

Schmitz, R. P. G. (person)

Stein, Lüdwig 1859-1930 (person)

Slaughter, J.W (person)

Stearns, Robert Edwards Carter, 1827- (person)

Sohumann, K. (person)

Seward, A.C. (Albert Charles), 1863-1941 (person)

British botanist and geologist; Professor of Botany, Cambridge University from 1906 to 1936. From the description of [Letters to] Thompson, 1917-1922 / A. C. Seward. (Smith College). WorldCat record id: 432077666 ...

Smith, J. Denson (John Denson), 1903- (person)

Skinner, J. O. (person)

Savage, Minot J. (Minot Judson), 1841-1918 (person)

Minot Judson Savage was an American Unitarian clergyman and writer. He led congregations throughout the United States, including California, Chicago, Boston, and New York, openly supporting Darwin's evolutionary theories and social reform. Some of his most popular books discussed his views on life after death. From the description of Minot J. Savage letter to Mrs. King, 1904. (Pennsylvania State University Libraries). WorldCat record id: 51590010 Church of the Unity minister...

Sprague, Isaac. (person)

Stetson, George R. (George Rochford), 1833- (person)

George Rochford Stetson was born in Boston, Mass., and resided at 1441 Massachusetts Ave. NW in Washington. He wrote on race, anthropology, and folklore. He was married to Helen Sybil Avery (b. 1840). From the description of The French inhabitant, 1896. (Historical Society of Washington, Dc). WorldCat record id: 701104862 ...

Schurman, Jacob Gould, 1854-1942 (person)

Jacob Gould Schurman was born May 22, 1854 on Prince Edward Island. He was Professor of Philosophy at Acadia College and Dalhousie College; Cornell University's Sage Professor of Philosophy, 1886-92, and President, 1892-1920; President of the first U.S. Philippine Commission, 1899; U.S. Minister to Greece and Montenegro during the Balkan Wars; and was a diplomat involved with foreign policy making in China, the Far East, and Germany. From the description of Jacob Gould Schurman paper...

Smith, Benjamin E. (Benjamin Eli), 1857-1913 (person)

Small, Albion W., 1854-1926 (person)

Albion Woodbury Small (1854-1926) was educated at Colby College, then Colby University, (B.A., 1876), Newton Theological Institution, the Universities of Berlin and Leipzig, and Johns Hopkins University (Ph.D., 1889). He taught history and political economy at Colby from 1881 to 1888, becoming president of that institution in 1889. From 1892 to 1925, he was Professor and Head of the Department of Sociology at the University of Chicago, the first department of its kind, and was also Dean of the G...

Simeryby, C. P. (person)

Seilliere, Ernest. (person)

Sterrett, James Macbride, 1847-1923 (person)

Smith W. B. (person)

Stevenson, J. O. (person)

Scott, Charles P. G. (person)

Ward, Lester Frank, 1841-1913 (person)

Sociologist. From the description of Lester Frank Ward papers, 1883-1906. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 70980247 Lester Frank Ward (1841-1913) served as a geologist and paleontologist with the United States Geological Survey (USGS) from 1882 to 1905. In addition to his USGS career, Ward served as Honorary Curator of the Department of Fossil Plants in the United States National Museum (USNM) during the same span of years. In 1905, Ward accepted a faculty appointment at Brown...

Smith, F. P. (person)

Seager, Henry. (person)

Slicer, Thomas Roberts, 1847-1916 (person)

Ward, Lester Frank, 1865-1913, (person)

Schenk, August. (person)

Simmel, Georg, 1858-1918 (person)

Snaffle, A. (person)

Snell, Merwin-Marie. (person)

Sims, George (person)

Seligman, Edwin R. A. (Edwin Robert Anderson), 1861-1939 (person)

BIOGHIST REQUIRED Columbia A.B. 1879; A.M. 1884; L.L.B. 1884; Ph.D. 1885; L.L.D. 1904. Seligman served on the Columbia University faculty 1885-1931; the Tax Committee of New York City 1914-1916 and of New York State 1929-1931; the League of Nations committee on economics and finance 1922-1923; financial advisor to Cuba in 1931; editor of the Political Science Quarterly and the Encyclopedia of Social Sciences, among many other roles. From the guide to the Edwin Robert Anderson Seligma...

Shufeldt, Robert W. (Robert Wilson), 1850-1934 (person)

Searcy, J. T. (James Thomas), 1839- (person)