Philippe de Montebello reader files, 1969-1973.


Philippe de Montebello reader files, 1969-1973.

The Reader Files of Philippe de Montebello contain carbon copies of the Director's daily outgoing correspondence and largely concern administrative affairs, proposed exhibitions, possible accessions, his current research, and travel arrangements. The papers illustrate the Director's activities as a museum administrator and art collector, and include frequent corrrespondence with art dealers concerning pieces the Director had earmarked for the MFAH collection. Frequent correspondents include Andrew S. Ciechanowiecki, Director of Heim Gallery, London; Klaus Herding of the Staatliche Museen, Berlin; Colin T. Eisler; Addison Franklin Page; Annemarie Pope of the Smithsonian Institution Travelling Exhibition Service; Thomas Pearsall Field Hoving; John and Dominique de Menil; Miss Ima Hogg; Josep Grau-Garriga; Pierre Rosenberg; Peter Selz; Walter Hopps; and Houston architect S. I. Morris.

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