Willowbrook Developmental Center case, research materials, ca.1971-1986.


Willowbrook Developmental Center case, research materials, ca.1971-1986.

These records are Rothman's research files on the Willowbrook case. Included are publications relating to mental health care; photocopies of reports, memoranda, legal briefs, correspondence, and other records from official sources such as the State Office of Mental Health and Mental Retardation, the Willowbrook Review Panel, New York City mental health agencies, and other sources. The arrangement of the records is difficult to understand when taken out of context, but when placed into proper perspective the records are not difficult to comprehend and organize. These records not only serve as a central reference file, but they also served as the basis for writing "The Willowbrook Wars". The records are arranged into several series with sub-series organized within them. An example of this organization is the community placement files. While many files deal with the general topic of community placement, there are several distinct sub-series that concern specific aspects of community placement as they relate to the Willowbrook case. Some sub-series examples include the implementation of the consent decree files, which include materials relating to the placement of specific individuals within the community as per the court order; professional literature on community placement; official reports on Willowbrook community placement plans; and reports on community placement programs in other states. The Rothmans attempted to organize the material, but changes in clerical staff made consistency difficult if not impossible. The result is a number of different organizational schemes, any of which have been further disrupted through use. This disorganization may be important to preserve as an evidential value of the collections.

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