Travel diary, 1796-1797.


Johnson, Benjamin, 1766-1822?. Travel diary, 1796-1797.

Travel diary, 1796-1797.

Records the activities of Johnson and companions on a European trip. With a small group of Friends, including George and Sarah Dilwyn, David Sands, William Farrar, and William Savery, Johnson set sail from New Castle, DE for a trip across the Atlantic Ocean on May 17, 1796. They traveled to England, Germany, the Netherlands, and France to reestablish contact with European Friends, to visit other Quakers, and to hold meetings. At Congenies, France, Johnson helped heal a rift in the local Quaker community. Johnson and his fellow travelers returned to Wilmington, DE on September 28, 1797, after having been away for one year, four months, and eleven days.

1 v. (512 p.) ; 23 x 29 cm.

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