Investment analysis files ("N-P"), 1909-1959 (bulk 1931-1954).


Investment analysis files ("N-P"), 1909-1959 (bulk 1931-1954).

The records contain some information on the workings of the Trust Dept., but are more useful for the information they contain on the individual companies in which the department invested.

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Procter & Gamble Company. (corporateBody)

Oklahoma Gas and Electric Company (corporateBody)

Norfolk and Western Railway Company (corporateBody)

Reorganized in 1896 from Norfolk and Western Railroad Company. From the description of Records, 1896-1969. (Virginia Tech). WorldCat record id: 28420979 The Norfolk and Western Railroad was created and organized in 1881 when Clarence H. Clark and his associates purchased property and franchises belonging to the Atlantic, Mississippi and Ohio Railroad Company. As a result of the purchase, the combined track length owned by Clark and associates was just over 400 miles. By 1900...

Ohio Oil Company (corporateBody)

Pepsi-Cola Company (corporateBody)

Pancoastal Petroleum Company, C.A. (corporateBody)

Wilmington Trust Company. Trust Dept. (corporateBody)

The Wilmington Trust Company was incorporated on March 2, 1901, as the Delaware Guarantee & Trust Company. It assumed its current name upon formal organization on March 6, 1903, and opened for business in the first unit of the Du Pont Building on July 8, 1903. The company was organized in the interest of T. Coleman and Pierre S. du Pont, who were the first president and vice preident respectively. One of the primary functions of the company was to manage trusts for those branches of the du P...

National Dairy Products Corporation (corporateBody)

Pacific Finance Corporation (corporateBody)

Noranda Mines Limited (corporateBody)

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New Orleans, Texas and Mexico Railway Company. (corporateBody)

Ohio Public Service Company. (corporateBody)

National Biscuit Company (corporateBody)

The National Biscuit Company was founded in 1898, the product of a merger among the American Biscuit and Manufacturing Company, the New York Biscuit Company, and the United States Baking Company. The new conglomerate was headquartered in New York City with 114 bakeries across the United States. Over the next several decades the company grew by acquiring companies such as the F.H. Bennett Company, maker of Milk-Bone Pet Products, and the Shredded Wheat Company, maker of Triscuit Wafers and Shredd...

Ohio Power Company (corporateBody)

Pittsburgh plate glass company (corporateBody)

The Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company (PPG) was founded in 1883 in Creighton, Pennsylvania, by Captain John Baptiste Ford and John Pitcairn. The plant quickly became known for its glass products using the plate process and developed methods for creating thinner, and more versatile, high quality glass. The company made glass for the automobile industry and, during World War II, focused production on military projects, such as glass for airplanes and developing synthetic resins. In addition to glass,...

P. Lorillard Company (corporateBody)

Oberly Brick Company. (corporateBody)

Price Brothers & Company, Ltd. (corporateBody)

Public Service Company of Colorado (corporateBody)

Incorporated in 1923 to supply electricity to northern Colorado and Denver (Colo.) area. New Century Energies, Inc. (XCEL) took over the company in 1999. From the description of Records, 1910-1997. (Denver Public Library). WorldCat record id: 54010638 Weisenhorn Lake became one of the three Valmont Lakes or Reservoirs in the early 1920s when the Public Service Company purchased the land for the Valmont Power Plant. From the description of Valmont Power Plant prin...

Paramount Pictures, inc. (corporateBody)

Pennsylvania Power & Light Company. (corporateBody)

Pittsburgh Hotels Corporation. (corporateBody)

New Jersey Power & Light Company. (corporateBody)

New England Gas & Electric Association. (corporateBody)

Philadelphia Parking Authority (corporateBody)

North American Company. (corporateBody)

Phillips petroleum company (corporateBody)

In 1979, the Phillips Petroleum Company released a nine-part series on science called, "The Search for Solutions." It included Adaptation, Contect, Evidence, Investigation, Modeling, Patterns, Prediction, Theory, Trial and Error, as series topics. The series was accompanied by a book of the same title, written by Horace Freeland Judson. From the description of "The search for solutions" film records, 1979-1985. (Iowa State University). WorldCat record id: 47245037 In 1976, P...

Portland Electric Power Company (Ore.). (corporateBody)

National Distillers Products Corporation. (corporateBody)

National Distributing Properties, Inc. (corporateBody)

New York Trust Company (corporateBody)

The New York Trust Company, founded in 1889 as the New York Security and Trust Company, changed its name in 1904, and was acquired by Chemical Bank in 1959. From the description of Records, [ca. 1889-1965] (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 155538800 ...

Northern Pacific Railway company (corporateBody)

The Northern Pacific Railway Company was the successor of the Northern Pacific Railroad Company, and was established in 1896. The company operated railway lines between the Great Lakes and Washington State until it merged to form the Burlington Northern Railroad in 1970. From the description of Northern Pacific Railway Company photographs, circa 1900s-1920s. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 367951939 The Northern Pacific Railroad Company was chartered in 1864 to build a railro...

Neptune Gold Mining Company. (corporateBody)

O. Ames Company. (corporateBody)

New Castle County (Del.) (corporateBody)

Philco Corporation (corporateBody)

New Castle Mutual Insurance Company (Del.). (corporateBody)

North American Aviation (corporateBody)

Public Service Company of Indiana (1941- ) (corporateBody)

Newmont Mining Corporation (corporateBody)

Niagara Hudson Power Corporation. (corporateBody)

Philadelphia Transportation Company (corporateBody)

The Philadelphia Transportation Company (PTC) was incorporated in Pennsylvania on January 1, 1940, by the merger of all the bus, streetcar and subway companies in the city of Philadelphia, with suburban routes extending to Doylestown in Bucks County and Chester and Media in Delaware County. On September 30, 1968, it sold all its assets to the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) a public agency and went into liquidation. Philadelphia's first horse-d...

Pocono Manor Association. (corporateBody)

Pantepec Oil Company of Venezuela, C.A. (corporateBody)

Ohio Valley Electric Railway Company. (corporateBody)

Ohio Edison Company (corporateBody)

The Ohio Edison Company (OEC) was formed in 1950 after a merger between the Ohio Public Service and Ohio Edison. OEC, and its predecessors, supplied electric power, natural gas, and mass transportation to northern and central Ohio. With its headquarters located in Akron, the OEC was responsible for providing services to 569 rural communities and 22 municipalities. The OEC continued to expand until its final merger with the Pennsylvania Power Company, Centerior Energy Corp. and its subsidiaries, ...

New York Air Brake Company (corporateBody)

New York, Chicago, and St. Louis Railway Company (corporateBody)

Formed in 1881 through the consolidation of Buffalo, Cleveland, and Chicago Railway Company of New York; Buffalo, Cleveland, and Chicago Railway Company of Pennsylvania; New York and Chicago Railway Company of Ohio; New York and Chicago Railway Company of Indiana; and New York and Chicago Railway Company of Illinois to form a continuous line from Buffalo, N.Y., to Chicago, Ill.; property sold in 1887 and reorganized as New York, Chicago, and St. Louis Railroad Company. From the descr...

New Jersey Zinc Company (corporateBody)

Sussex Zinc and Copper Mining and Manufacturing Company formed by Col. Samuel Fowler in Franklin, N.J., in 1848; included other mines in Sussex County, N.J.; in 1852 name changed to New Jersey Zinc Company; in 1880 to New Jersey Zinc and Iron Company and in 1897 renamed New Jersey Zinc Company; in 1965 became a subsidiary of Gulf & Western Industries; principal owner and operator of zinc ore deposits located in Franklin and Ogdensburg, N.J., with plants in New Jersey and Pennsylvania; headqu...

New York Power & Light Corporation. (corporateBody)

Pennsylvania Glass Sand Corporation. (corporateBody)

165 Broadway Building, Inc. (New York, N.Y.). (corporateBody)

Philadelphia Suburban Water Company (Pa.) (corporateBody)

Pennroad Corporation (corporateBody)

Philadelphia Rapid Transit Company (corporateBody)

Prior to the 1870s, Philadelphia's public transportation system consisted of dozens of independently owned and operated horse-drawn streetcar lines. However, as Philadelphia's population grew, increasing street congestion and the disorganization of the numerous independent streetcar lines created a need for a more efficient transportation system. Efficiency could only be achieved through expensive mechanization, which required consolidated capital. The path to electrification and un...

P.C. Kamm Company. (corporateBody)

New York, Ontario, and Western Railway Co. (corporateBody)

The New York, Ontario and Western Railway Company was organized in the late 19th century; its purpose was to provide railroad service in New York State between Lake Ontario and the Adirondack Mountains. By the 1950's, recession and modernization costs drove the company into serious debt. On October 10, 1957, the Interstate Commerce Commission reported the approval of the abandonment of the rail-line and thus closed the terminal facilities at Oswego, New York. From the description of ...

Publicker Industries (corporateBody)

Philadelphia Electric Company (corporateBody)

The Philadelphia Electric Company was incorporated under the laws of Pennsylvania on October 31, 1929, as a merger of The Philadelphia Electric Company (incorporated in Pa. on October 27, 1902), the Philadelphia Suburban-Counties Gas & Electric Company, and three other small utility companies. It is the primary gas and electric company for Philadelphia, its surrounding counties and Cecil and Harford Counties in northeastern Maryland. After the invention of electric l...

New York State Railways. (corporateBody)

Public Service Electric and Gas Company (corporateBody)

Pennsylvania (corporateBody)

Pittsburgh Consolidation Coal Company (corporateBody)

Pullman Incorporated (corporateBody)

Parent company of the Pullman Company and the Pullman Car and Manufacturing Corporation chartered in Delaware, June, 1927. The operating arm of the firm, the Pullman Company, remained a corporate subsidiary of Pullman Inc. until 1947, following an anti-trust suit provoked ruling which required the holding company to divest itself of either its operating or manufacturing interests. From the description of Records, 1927-1949. (Newberry Library). WorldCat record...

Pennsylvania Railroad (corporateBody)

The Pennsylvania Railroad Company was the largest railroad in the United States in terms of corporate assets and traffic from the last quarter of the nineteenth century until the decline of the northeast's and midwest's dominance of manufacturing, caused by the evolution of the interstate highway system and the advancements in air transportation. Originally created by Philadelphia merchants in 1846, it sought to build a trunk route from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh via the Allegheny Mountains to c...

Nashville Gas and Heating Company. (corporateBody)

Pelham Court, Inc. (Philadelphia, Pa.). (corporateBody)

Pacific Lighting Corporation (corporateBody)

New York City Housing Authority (corporateBody)

The first municipal housing authority in the United States. From the description of Records, 1933-1973. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 155483749 The New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) was created during the Depression. With funding promised by President Franklin D. Roosevelt's Public Works Administration to for the construction of public housing, Mayor Fiorello H. LaGuardia secured legislation in 1934 to create a housing authority in New York. By 1935 First Houses had b...

Public Service Corporation of New Jersey (corporateBody)

North Union Realty Company. (corporateBody)

Provident Trust Company (Wilmington, Del.). (corporateBody)

Philadelphia and Reading Coal and Iron Corporation. (corporateBody)

Petroleum Investment Company. (corporateBody)

New Castle (Del.) (corporateBody)

Northern States Power Company (Delaware) (corporateBody)

Providential Investors, Inc. (corporateBody)

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (corporateBody)

Public Service Company of New Hampshire (corporateBody)

New York, New Haven, and Hartford Railroad Company (corporateBody)

The collection holds documents related to early southern New England railroads, particularly those that were predecessor lines of the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad, the railroad predominant railroad in the region from 1872, when it was established through the merger of the New York and New Haven Railroad and the Hartford and New Haven Railroad, to 1969, when it was absorbed into Penn Central. From the description of New York , New Haven & Hartford Railroad Predecess...

Pure Oil Company (corporateBody)

Philadelphia (Pa.) (corporateBody)

Pittsburgh Hotels, Inc. (corporateBody)

Northern Natural Gas Company (corporateBody)

Niagara Falls Power Company (corporateBody)

Puget Sound Power and Light Company (corporateBody)

Puget Sound Power & Light Company dominated the power and transportation business in the Pacific Northwest region during the first half of the twentieth century. The origins of "Puget Power" are connected to the early activities of Massachusetts-based Stone & Webster Engineering Consulting Corporation. In the first decade of the twentieth century, Stone & Webster initiated aggressive expansion of the company's interests in Washington State. Its acquistion and...

Pan American Airways Corporation (corporateBody)

Pittsburgh Railways Company (corporateBody)

Pittsburgh Railways Company (PRC) was originally chartered in 1900 as the Southern Traction Company. By 1902, the PRC became the operating manager of 193 street railways properties owned or controlled by the Philadelphia Company, Consolidated Traction, United Traction and Southern Traction. The latter three companies were merged to form Pittsburgh Railways. Although beset by continuing financial problems and declining ridership during the depression years, in 1936 and 1937 Pittsburgh Railways pl...

Philadelphia Company for Guaranteeing Mortgages. (corporateBody)

National city bank of New York (corporateBody)

Philadelphia National League Club. (corporateBody)

New England Public Service Company (corporateBody)

New York Central Railroad Company (corporateBody)

The New York Central Railroad first stationed business representatives in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1853, but it was not until 1870 that the railroad established a significant presence in the local railroad economy. During the 1880s-1890s, the New York Central purchased controlling interests in various railroads to secure routes into Cleveland. In the early twentieth century it built and bought lines through and around Cleveland. Yards that were key to New York Central's repair, maintenance, and stora...

Peoples Gas Light and Coke Company (corporateBody)

Founded 1849. Public utilities company. Peoples Gas Light & Coke Company was founded in 1848 and became Chicago's first gas company in 1850. Under the presidency of C.K.G. Billings, Jr. (1895 to 1910), Peoples merged with twelve other companies to become a major power in public utilities in the Chicago area. In 1913, Samuel Insull became chairman of the Board for Peoples and later served as the company's president from 1919 to 1932. During this time Insull was involved with universal militar...

Pillsbury Mills, Inc. (corporateBody)

Philadelphia Company. (corporateBody)

National Bank of Detroit (corporateBody)

Phelps Dodge Corporation (corporateBody)

Since its founding as a trading company in 1834 by Anson Greene Phelps (1781-1853), the Phelps Dodge & Co. (renamed the Phelps Dodge Corporation after the Copper Queen Consolidated Mining Co. aquired its assets in 1917) provided many of the raw materials that fueled America's early industrial expansion and helped build frontier communities of the American West. In 1881, the Phelps Dodge Corporation invested in copper mining in Arizona and continues to mine those claims today. Fro...

Neiman-Marcus Company. (corporateBody)

New Bedford Rayon Company (corporateBody)

Philadelphia and Reading Coal and Iron Company (corporateBody)

The Philadelphia and Reading Coal and Iron Company, a subsidiary of the Philadelphia and Reading Rail Road, was founded in 1871 to allow its parent corporation to control the transportation of anthracite coal mined in eastern Pennsylvania. The coal company operated mines and coal processing plants, and the finished product was shipped via the railroad's lines. The Philadelphia and Reading Iron and Coal Company became a separate corporation in 1923 after the U.S. government initiated an anti-trus...

North American Refractories Company. (corporateBody)

Owens-Illinois Glass Company (corporateBody)

Port of New York Authority. (corporateBody)

Point of entry for many people migrating to the United States. From the description of Passanger list, 1840. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122425097 ...

Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation (corporateBody)

Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corporation (corporateBody)

Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Company (corporateBody)