Diary, 1894-1939.


Fox, Ruth May, 1853-1958. Diary, 1894-1939.

Diary, 1894-1939.

Discusses domestic life.

161 pp. : photocopy of typescript.

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Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Salt Lake Stake. Fifteenth Ward.

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Fox, Ruth May, 1853-1958

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Ruth May Fox was a leader in women's organizations in the Mormon Church and active in the campaign for women's rights in Utah. She was born in Wiltshire, England, to James and Mary Ann May. Her mother died when she was an infant. In 1865, her father, a worker in a woolen mill, went to the United States and later sent for his daughter and Mary Thompson Sexton, a widow with whom he had left Ruth, and whom he subsequently married. The family moved in 1867 to Salt Lake City. In 1873 Ruth May married...

Gates, Susa Young, 1856-1933

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Daughter of Brigham Young. From the guide to the MS 8884 Susa Young Gates collection 1852-1951 (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Church History Library) Susa Young Gates, a daughter of Brigham Young, was the author of a dozen books, the founder of many regional and national women's organizations, editor, poetess, musician, woman suffragette, and the mother of 13 children. She founded and edited the "Young Women's Journal" and the "Relief Society Magazine." She or...

Shipp, Ellis Reynolds, 1847-1939

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Female physician, polygamous wife. From the description of Collection, 1875-1955. (Utah Historical Society). WorldCat record id: 122497744 Ellis Reynolds Shipp was born 20 January 1847 in David City, Iowa. Her parents joined the LDS Church and emigrated to Utah in 1852. In 1866, Ellis married Milford Shipp. She entered the Women's Medical College of Pennsylvania in 1875, graduating three years later. She wrote numerous medical articles and papers and was elected to Utah's Ha...

Young, Zina Diantha Huntington Jacobs Smith, 1821-1901

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Zina D.H. Young was born 31 January 1821 in Watertown, New York, to William Huntington and Zina Baker Huntington. Zina was baptized into the LDS Church by Hyrum Smith on 1 August 1835. On 7 March 1841 Zina married Henry Bailey Jacobs, with whom she had two sons: Zebulon Williams Jacobs and Henry Chariton Jacobs. Later that year, she married to Joseph Smith, Jr. on 27 October 1841. On 2 February 1846 she maried Brigham Young with whom she had a daughter, Zina Presendia Young. In addition to her t...

Utah. Fair.

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Taylor, Elmina S.

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Utah. Constitution

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Fox, Leonard Grant,

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Freeze, Lillie.

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Wells, Emmeline B. (Emmeline Blanche), 1828-1921

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Emmeline Blanche [Woodward] Wells was born 29 February 1828, at Petersham, Massachusetts to David Woodward and Deiadama Hare. She joined the LDS Church on her fourteenth birthday and then moved to Nauvoo. She married James Harvey Harris, Newell K. Whitney, and Daniel Hanmer Wells. She played a major role nationally and internationally regarding the Church and women's suffrage. She served as the fifth president of the Relief Society, from 1910-1921. She died on 25 April 1921 in Salt Lake City, Ut...

Fox, Jesse W. (Jesse Williams), 1852-1928

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Dougall, Maria Young.

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Smith, Bathsheba W. Bigler, 1822-1910

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General President of the Relief Society, 1901-1910. From the description of Papers, 1861-1902. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122645306 Bathsheba W. Bigler Smith (1822-1910) a Mormon pioneer, and a civic and ecclesiastical leader. She served as president of the Relief Society from 1901 to 1910. From the description of Bathsheba W. Bigler Smith Relief Society message, 1903 April 30. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 460782377 Mormon pioneer. Originally from ...