Spud Johnson Papers, 1896-1973 (bulk 1920-1968).


Spud Johnson Papers, 1896-1973 (bulk 1920-1968).

Holograph and typescript works and correspondence from friends and associates make up the majority of the Spud Johnson Papers, 1896-1973 (bulk 1920-1968), supplemented by letters and diaries by Johnson and works and correspondence by other authors. The Works Series contains poems, short stories, biographical sketches, essays, reviews, and other literary output by Spud Johnson. Of particular note are various drafts of an untitled novel about Don Grant, holograph and typescript versions of Horizontal Yellow (1935), and groups of essays published for "The Gad Fly" and "The Horsefly" columns. The Correspondence Series is divided into two subseries: Outgoing and Incoming. While there are not a great number of letters from Johnson, his correspondence with William Goyen, Georgia O'Keeffe, and Lynn Riggs is moderately well represented. Better represented are friends, acquaintances, and business associates who wrote to Johnson, including Mary Austin, Dorothy Brett, Witter Bynner, Gladys Cannon, Alexander Fechin, Haniel Long, Daniel McCarthy, the New Yorker, Ruth Swaine, and others. There are also a large number of letters from unidentified writers. The Personal Papers Series is composed of Johnson's diaries, many of which are sequentially numbered and contain observations, notes, some day-to-day activities, and some creative work. Also present are a commonplace book, records dealing with the publication of Horse Fly, Horizontal Yellow, and Laughing Horse, and various notes and receipts. Of particular interest are nine etched plastic printing plates used for Laughing Horse. The Third-Party Works and Correspondence Series includes materials by Witter Bynner, Arthur Ficke, Robert Frost, Mabel Luhan, Lynn Riggs, and others. Many of the third-party works were sent to Johnson for inclusion in Laughing Horse and include notes and letters to Johnson from the authors. There are also a number of cover letters to Norman MacLeod, fellow poet and editor. Included in this section are a number of limericks written by friends for Johnson. Third-party correspondents are generally friends and acquaintances writing to each other, often about Johnson or his affairs, and include Dorothy Brett, Arthur Ficke, Mabel Dodge Luhan, Carl Van Vechten, and others.

18 boxes (7.5 linear feet), 1 oversize box, and 1 wooden card box.

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