Eugene Maxmilien Haitian collection, 1847-1933.


Maxmilien, Eugene,. Eugene Maxmilien Haitian collection, 1847-1933.

Eugene Maxmilien Haitian collection, 1847-1933.

Collection consists of 240 volumes of diplomatic correspondence between Haiti and various countries, especially France, Great Britain, the United States, Spain, Germany, and the Dominican Republic. Correspondence and documents between various foreign affairs officials, resident ministers, charge dáffaires, and presidents of Haiti and equivalent officials in other nations regarding trade, foreign relations, debt payments, lost families, public opinion, and other matters. Individuals represented are Ernest Roumain, Etienne L. Salomon, Stephen Preston, Tertulien Guilbeaux, John Mercer Langston, Demesvar Delorme, Frederick Douglass, Henry Smythe, Charles Haentjens, Anteńor Firmin, Jacques Nicholas Léger, Louis Price-Mars, Louis Joseph Janvier, Thomas Madiou, Solon Ménos, Dantès Bellegarde, Hannibal Price, Massillon Coicou, Elie DuBois, and Louis Etienne Félicité Lysius Salomon.

Originals: 24 lin. ft.Copies: 40 microfilm reels.




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