Album of Joseph W. Revere, 1848-1870.


Album of Joseph W. Revere, 1848-1870.

The album, probably written about 1870, is a collection of memories and stories from Revere's life. The majority of the album focuses on two points in Revere's life, his time in California before and during the gold rush, and his experience in the Civil War. The album specifically covers the following subjects: Revere's experiences on the USS Constitution in 1834; Revere's life as a rancho owner in Mexican California before the gold rush; the California Indians; Revere's travels throughout California and Mexico; his time in the Mexican army; his voyage to California through Panama in 1848; Revere's experiences in the gold mines; and Revere's service in the Civil War including his experience in Second Bull Run, Fredericksburg, and Chancellorsville. The album also includes eighteen illustrations, watercolors and sketches, done by Revere to illustrate the text. These sketches include California landscapes, and scenes of life in San Francisco, Panama, and the gold mining camps. There are also a few sketches of scenes from Revere's experience in the Civil War. The last few pages of the album are draft pages for the beginning of Revere's book, Keel and saddle. Also included in the album is a carte-de-visite of Revere.

1 volume, 30 cm., 230 pages.

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