Administrative files, 1919-1923.


Administrative files, 1919-1923.

The Governor is the chief executive of the state whose function is to administer the laws of the state. This series consists of the administrative files of Governor Kilby. It contains annual and other reports, correspondence, clippings, greeting cards, invitations, leaflets, lists, pamphlets, petitions, proclamations, requisitions, speeches, and telegrams. The records cover the activities of numerous state departments and agencies. In particular the Child Welfare Dept., Convict Dept., the State Docks Dept., the Highway Dept., the Public Service Commission, the Tax Commission, the State Dept. of Education and the State Bridge Corporation are well represented. There is considerable material on the 1920-1921 coal strike in Alabama. There is also considerable documentation regarding the ratification of the Eighteenth Amendment, veterans of World War I, Birmingham's Semi-Centennial celebration in 1921, building of schools, the activities of the Fuel Administration in Alabama, Muscle Shoals, pending legislation, and the "Good Roads" campaign and the building of bridges and roads in the state, international arms limitation effors, cotton mills, activities of the Ku Klux Klan, convict labor and the overall reform of the state prison system and of gubernatorial pardons and paroles. There is also material on tax collectors in various counties being unable to collect taxes due to the onset of economic depression in Alabama, and much heated debate of the heightened valuation placed on real property. See in particular a 1920 letter from Governor Kilby to Ray Rushton of Montgomery in the general correspondence portion of the administrative files (SG22138). Many letters were actually written by the private secretary to Governor Kilby, William A. Darden.

28 cubic ft. (28 records center cartons).

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