Papers, 1938-1981.


Folsom, James Elisha. Papers, 1938-1981.

Papers, 1938-1981.

The papers, 1938-1981, contain correspondence, letters, legal records, financial records, lists, photographs, printed matter, awards, greeting cards, certificates, invitations, postcards, appointment books, medical records, newspaper clippings, serials, books, electoral returns, and maps. The most important series in this collection is the one on political campaigns, 1942-1962. Particularly well documented are Folsom's successful campaigns for Governor of Ala. in 1946 and 1954. Extensive correspondence and letter files for both campaigns are present, as are subject files, photographs, campaign materials, lists, and primary returns. Citizens supporting and opposing his campaign wrote to Folsom. Campaign tactics and strategy for particular areas are discussed, as is political patronage and requests for help. Folsom's private papers series, spanning the years 1938-1981, contains interesting material also, including Ala. politics, Folsom's business ventures, Ala. economic development, family matters, the death of his first wife in 1944, and many other subjects. The photographs are very interesting, though not voluminous. Also of interest is the series entitled political correspondence and letters, 1951-1954. In many respects this series is a direct precursor to his 1954 gubernatorial campaign, and the primary subject discussed is Ala. politics.

20 cubic ft. (46 archives boxes, 3 telescoping boxes for 3 1/2" x 5" cards, 1 oversized container, and 7 oversized scrapbooks).

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