Pamphlets vertical file--persons, [ca.1835]-[ca.1835]-


Carmichael, Emmett B. Pamphlets vertical file--persons, [ca.1835]-[ca.1835]-

Pamphlets vertical file--persons, [ca.1835]-[ca.1835]-

The Pamphlets vertical files--persons consists of pamphlets about individuals or families from Alabama primarily. In portraying the lives of these individuals, aspects of the political, social, and military history of the state are also discussed.

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King, William R. (William Rufus), 1786-1853 (person)

William Rufus DeVane King (April 7, 1786 – April 18, 1853) was an American politician and diplomat. He was the 13th vice president of the United States for six weeks in 1853 before his death. Earlier he had been elected as a U.S. representative from North Carolina and a senator from Alabama. He also served as minister to France during the reign of King Louis Philippe I. A Democrat, he was a Unionist and his contemporaries considered him to be a moderate on the issues of sectionalism, slavery ...

Black, Hugo LaFayette, 1886-1971 (person)

Hugo LaFayette Black (1886-1971) was a judge for the Supreme Court of the United States. He was nominated by Franklin D. Roosevelt on August 12, 1937; confirmed by the Senate on August 17, 1937; and received his commission on August 18, 1937. He assumed senior status on September 17, 1971, but his service was terminated soon thereafter, with his death on September 25, 1971. ...

Philpott, Harry M. (Harry Melvin), 1917-2008 (person)

Philpott served as Auburn University president, 1965-80. In addition to the customary academic and administrative issues, he dealt with the role of intercollegiate athletics in institutions of higher education, racial integration of faculty and student body, student activism, and the politics of Alabama higher education. From the description of Presidential Records, 1965-1980. (Auburn University). WorldCat record id: 38292675 Philpott, a graduate of Washington and Lee Univer...

Broun, William LeRoy, 1827-1902. (person)

Denny, George Hutcheson, 1870-1955 (person)

George Hutcheson Denny was president of Washington and Lee University from 1901-1911. From the description of Speech, 1911. (Washington & Lee University). WorldCat record id: 53291561 ...

Guild, James, 1799-1884. (person)

Hardee, William Joseph, 1815-1873 (person)

Confederate brigadier general, from Selma (Dallas Co.), Ala. From the description of Papers, 1863-1871. (Duke University Library). WorldCat record id: 19657442 Confederate general. From the description of Official report of the battle of Perryville, 1862 Dec. 1. (Filson Historical Society, The). WorldCat record id: 49253061 Confederate lieutenant general; served in Mexican War; commanded cadets, West Point, 1856-1861; author of book of military tactics. ...

Martin, Thomas W. (Thomas Wesley), 1881-1964 (person)

Thomas W. Martin attended the University of Alabama and eventually became General Counsel for the Alabama Power Company in 1912. In 1920 he was made President of the company, a post which he held until 1949. Thomas Martin was also involved in other organizations including the Southern Research Institute of Birmingham, the Alabama State Chamber of Commerce and the Southern Association of Science and Industry. From the description of Printed materials, 1931-196...

Alabama. Governor (corporateBody)

Authorities: Alabama Government Manual, 1982. 1819 Alabama Constitution, Art. IV, Sec. 1-15, 16, 18. Acts 1933, No. 177, p. 189. Alabama Official and Statistical Register, 1979. Code of Alabama 1876. Code of Alabama 1975. 1901 Alabama Constitution, Art. V, Sec. 116, 126-128, Amendment 282. The Governor is the chief executive of the State. He sees that laws are faithfully and equitably exe...

Weeden, Howard, 1847-1905 (person)

Gorgas, William Crawford, 1870-1955. (person)

Guild, LaFayette, 1825-1870. (person)

Henry, Hitchcock, 1791-1839. (person)

Bryce, Peter, 1834-1892 (person)

Peter Bryce (1834-92) was a pioneering figure in the field of mental health. Practicing in the post–Civil War era, he championed more humane therapeutic treatments for the mentally ill. He held important offices in both state and national organizations relating to the health professions and was the first superintendent of the state mental hospital that now bears his name. Bryce was born in Columbia, South Carolina, to Peter and Martha Smith Bryce. He graduated with disti...

Brock, Glen Porter, b.1896. (person)

Nott, Josiah Clark, 1804-1873 (person)

Physician and ethnologist of South Carolina. From the description of Note, undated, [between 1820 and 1873?] : [South Carolina]. (Duke University). WorldCat record id: 35201318 ...

Smith, Eugene A. (person)

Lapsley, John W., 1806-1889. (person)

McAdory, Isaac Wellington, 1843-1922. (person)

Parrish, Clara Weaver, 1861-1925 (person)

Coleman, Thomas W. (Thomas Wiles), 1833-1920. (person)

Hilliard, Henry W. (Henry Washington), 1808-1892 (person)

Henry Washington Hilliard graduated from South Carolina College (now the University of South Carolina) at Columbia in 1826 and was admitted to the bar in Georgia in 1829. He was a professor in the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa (1831-1834), a member of the Alabama House of Representatives (1836-1838), Chargé d'Affaires to Belgium (1842-1844), U.S. Representative for Alabama (1845-1851), Confederate commissioner to Tennessee, and Minister to Brazil (1877-1881). From the descript...

Brewer, Albert P., 1928- (person)

Sims, J. Marion (James Marion), 1813-1883 (person)

James Marion Sims (1813-1883) was a surgeon and gynecologist who conducted experimental surgical procedures on enslaved women during the 1840s in Alabama. He later played a role in founding the Woman's Hospital (now a division of St. Luke's Hospital) in New York, N.Y. From the guide to the J. Marion Sims Papers, 1835-1884, (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Library. Southern Historical Collection.) From the description of J. Marion Sims Letters. 1858-1859; 188...

Bonner, Joe M. (person)

Coffee, John, 1772-1833 (person)

Army officer and surveyor-general of Alabama. Coffee (Coffey) family. From the description of John Coffee family papers, 1781-circa 1883. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 79453531 Frontier merchant, Indian fighter, land agent, surveyor, and speculator of Tennessee and Alabama. From the description of John Coffee order books, 1812-1815 [manuscript]. WorldCat record id: 24111763 John Coffee was a frontier merchant, Indian fighter, land agent, surveyor, and s...

Conrad, T. A. (Timothy Abbott), 1803-1877 (person)

O'Brien, Margaret Ellen, 1870-1898. (person)

Houston, George S. (George Smith), 1811-1879 (person)

Houston, a lawyer from Athens, Alabama, served in the U.S. Congress, 1841-1849 and 1851-1861. In 1874, he was elected governor of Alabama and served two successive terms. He was sent to the U.S. Senate in 1879, but died later that year. From the description of Papers, 1839-1881. (Auburn University). WorldCat record id: 28627376 U.S. Representative and Senator from Alabama, and Governor of Alabama; from Athens (Limestone Co.), Ala. From the description of Papers, ...

Rapier, James T. (person)

Bryant, Paul W. (person)

Perkins, William Washington, 1794-1871. (person)

Campbell, John A., 1811-1896. (person)

Chambers, Joseph Vernon. (person)

Johnston, Lizzie Johnston Evans, 1851-1934. (person)

Tutwiler, Juliz S., 1841-1916. (person)

Kracke, Roy R. (Roy Rachford), 1897-1950 (person)

Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865 (person)

Abraham Lincoln (born February 12, 1809, Sinking Spring Farm near Hodgenville, Kentucky-died April 15, 1865, Washington, D.C.) was the sixteenth President of the United States from 1861 until his death by assassination. He was the son of a Kentucky frontiersman, Thomas Lincoln, and Nancy Hanks. In 1816, Lincoln moved to Pigeon Creek, Indiana, where he worked on his family's farm. Following his mother's death two years later, he continued working on farms until moving with his father to New Sa...

Branyon, E.W., b.1880. (person)

Morris, Josiah 1818-1891. (person)

Durr, Clifford J. (Clifford Judkins), 1899-1975 (person)

Lawyer. From the description of Reminiscences of Clifford Judkins Durr : oral history, 1974. (Columbia University In the City of New York). WorldCat record id: 309732708 From the description of Reminiscences of Clifford Judkins Durr : oral history, 1967. (Columbia University In the City of New York). WorldCat record id: 122608603 ...

Crenshaw, Anderson, 1783-1847. (person)

Williams, Hank, 1923-1953 (person)

Hank Williams (b. September 17, 1923, Mt. Olive, AL–d. January 1, 1953, Oak Hill, WV) was an American singer-songwriter. Williams recorded 35 singles (five released posthumously). Born in Mount Olive, Butler County, Alabama, Williams relocated to Georgiana with his family, where he met Rufus Payne. Payne had a major influence on Williams' later musical style, along with Roy Acuff and Ernest Tubb. The songs he wrote and recorded have been covered by numerous artists and have been hits in vari...

Wyeth, John A. (John Allan), 1845-1922 (person)

Physician and educator. From the description of Reconstruction days in Arkansas, ca. 1880s. (Arkansas History Commission). WorldCat record id: 433628577 ...

Alabama. Insane Hospital. (corporateBody)

Mallet, John William (person)

University of Virginia Professor of Chemistry. From the description of Autobiographical sketch of John William Mallet [manuscript] 1900. (University of Virginia). WorldCat record id: 647954954 ...

Montgomery, Mary Gillen, 1911-1963. (person)

Harris, Agnes Ellen, 1883-1952. (person)

Bragg, Walter Lawrence, 1835-1891 (person)

Walter Lawrence Bragg, son of P.N. and Martha W. Bragg, was born in Lowdnes County, Alabam, on 25 February 1838. When he was four, the family moved to Ouachita County, Arkansas, and grew up there. He graduated from Harvard in 1858 and practiced law in Camden, Arkansas. He rose to the rank of captain in the Army of Tennessee during the Civil War, after which he settled in Marion, Alabama. In 1871, he moved to Montgomery. Bragg's political career began in 1874, when he was...

Pratt, Daniel, 1799-1873 (person)

Pratt was born 1799 July 20 to Edward Pratt and his wife in Temple, N.H. Moving to Ga. in 1819, Pratt married Esther Tickner of Jones Co., Ga., in 1827. They moved to Autauga Co., Ala., in 1833 to manufacture cotton gins. He founded the town of Prattville in 1838, and was among the first industrialists in Ala. He and his wife had three children: Mary, died in infancy; Ellen, m. Henry F. DeBardeleben; and Maria, died in infancy. Pratt died 1873 May...

Tutwiler, Henry, 1807-1884 (person)

Tutwiler was born on 1807 Nov. 16 at Harrisburg, Rockingham Co., Va., to Henry and Margaret Lorchbaugh Tutwiler. In 1825 He entered the University of Va., graduating in 1829, being the first student there to receive the A.M. degree. From 1831-1837 he was professor of ancient languages at the University of Ala., marrying Julia Ashe in 1835, and from 1837-1839 was the chair of mathematics at Marion College. During 1839-1847 he became professor of mathematics and chemistry at LaGrange College in no...

Nall, Robert, 1805-1886. (person)

Evans, Augusta J. (Augusta Jane), 1835-1909 (person)

Augusta Evans, a native of Columbus, Ga., was the author of numerous popular novels, among them Beulah, Inez, and Macaria, a novel on Civil War themes that was banned by Union officers but won popularity among both Confederate and Union troops. A longtime resident of Mobile, Ala., she married Colonel Lorenzo Wilson, a businessman active in banking, railroads, and wholesale groceries. From the description of Augusta Evans Wilson letter, circa 1865-1909. (Louisiana State University). W...

Bush, Thomas Greene, 1847-1909. (person)

Watts, T. H. (Thomas Hill), 1819-1892 (person)

Hoyt, Charles H. (Charles Hale), 1859-1900 (person)

Marschall, Nicolas (person)

Forster, P. Joseph (person)

Pelham, John, 1838-1863 (person)

John Pelham, an Anniston, Ala., native, attended the U.S. Military Academy until the Civil War broke out in 1861. He served with distinction as an artillerist for General J.E.B. Stuart's cavalry at the battles of First Bull Run, Second Bull Run, Antietam, and Fredericksburg. He was killed at the age of 24 at the Battle of Kelly's Ford in 1863. From the description of Papers, 1856-1949. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122498611 ...

Alabama Power Company (corporateBody)

The Alabama Power Company was organized in 1906 and has had a major impact on the economic development of the state of Alabama. The company has been involved in the hydroelectric developments of the Coosa River, the Tallapoosa River and the Tennessee River-Muscle Shoals area. From the description of Edison Electric Institute records, 1943-1947. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122439439 The Alabama Power Company, a public utility organization, was incorporated in ...

Nixon, H.C. (Herman Clarence). (person)

Tuomey, M. (Michael), 1805-1857 (person)

First State Geologist of Alabama. A native of Cork, Ireland, Tuomey immigrated to the U.S. at an early age. In 1847 he began teaching mineralogy, geology and agriculture at the University of Alabama. In 1848 he became the first State Geologist for Ala., a position he held until his death. Tuomey was the author of the First Biennial Report on the Geology of Alabama (1850), the Second Report on the Geology of Alabama (1858) and a Geological Map of Alabama (1853). ...

Meek family. (family)

DuBose, John Witherspoon, 1836-1918 (person)

John Witherspoon DuBose, 1836-1918, was an Alabama planter and author, whose works include a biography of William Lowndes Yancey and histories of the Canebrake and of Alabama. From the description of Papers, 1857-1917. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122562421 Born to Elizabeth Boykin and Kimbrough Cassels Dubose in Darlington district, South Carolina, John Witherspoon Dubose (1836-1918) studied at Columbia College. After inheriting land and slaves, he planted co...

Davis, M. E. M. (Mollie Evelyn Moore), 1852-1909 (person)

Author. From the description of Scrapbook, 1885. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 70956246 Poet and novelist known as Mollie or M.E.M. Davis and author of two volumes of poetry and twelve novels, which alternate between Texas and New Orleans settings, and Under Six Flags, a school textbook history of Texas. Davis married Thomas Edward (T.E.) Davis, who served on the staff of the New Orleans Times and as editor of the Picayune. M.E.M. Davis also was a l...

Davis, Jefferson, 1808-1889 (person)

Mary Ann Lamar Cobb (1818-1889), wife of Gen. Howell Cobb (1815-1868). From the description of Letter to Mary Ann Lamar Cobb, 1888 Oct. 2. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 38476494 Jefferson Davis (1808-1889) was born in Kentucky. He attended Transylvania University for a short time before enrolling at West Point in 1824, at the age of 16. He graduated in 1828 and immediately joined the First Infantry. His regiment was engaged in the Blackhawk War of 1831. In 1833, he became a...

Alabama. Boys Industrial School. (corporateBody)

Milner, Willis P., 1797-1864. (person)

McAlley, Henry, 1852-1904. (person)

Yancey, William Lowndes, 1814-1863 (person)

American lawyer and politician. From the description of Autograph signature clipped from the register of Brown's Hotel, Washington, D.C., 1857 Mar. 24. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270584435 Lawyer, Ala. legislator, and secessionist. From the description of Letter, 1858 June 15. (Filson Historical Society, The). WorldCat record id: 49479565 Attorney, editor, and politician, William L. Yancey was for many years a resident of Greenville, South Carolina. ...

MacKenzie, Roderick, 1865-1941. (person)

Phillips, Philp, 1807-1884. (person)

Carmichael, Emmett B... (person)

Pope, Charles A. (Charles Alexander), 1818-1870 (person)

Surgeon and medical educator. Charles Alexander Pope (1818-1870) received his undergraduate degree from the University of Alabama and medical degree from the medical department of the University of Pennsylvania in 1839. Before going to Philadelphia, he attended a first course of medical lectures at Cincinnati Medical College with Dr. Daniel Drake. He then went to Paris, France for two years of further education at the hospitals and lectures of the eminent physicians and ...

Blair, Algernon, 1873-1952. (person)

Armstrong, Henry Clay, 1840-1900. (person)

Henry Clay Armstrong practiced law, served as a captain in the C.S.A. Army, was elected to the Ala. State legislature, was appointed State Superintendent of Education, and also received several political appointments from the U.S. President. From the description of Letters, 1882-1883. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122543220 ...

Hanby, Gabriel, 1786-1826. (person)

Alabama. Legislature (corporateBody)

A plank road or puncheon is a dirt path or road covered with a series of planks, similar to the wooden sidewalks one would see in a Western movie. Plank roads were very popular in Ontario, the U.S. Northeast and U.S. Midwest in the first half of the 19th century. From the guide to the Alabama Legislature petition MSS. 0039., 1849, (W.S. Hoole Special Collections Library, The University of Alabama) Authorities: Alabama Legislature. Acts of Alabama. Pl...

Petrie, George, 1866-1947 (person)

Alabama historian. Petrie was appointed professor of history at Alabama Polytechnic Institute, now Auburn University, in 1887. He served as academic dean from 1908 to 1921 and as graduate dean from 1921 until his retirement in 1942. Petrie wrote extensively on Alabama and Southern history, focusing on secession and the Civil War. Petrie's father, George Laurens Petrie, was minister of the Charlottesville (Va.) Presbyterian Church from 1872 to 1928. His grandfather, George Hollinshead Whitefield ...

Starke, John Metcalf, 1860-1944. (person)

Lay, William Patrick, 1853-1940 (person)

Jones, Bob, 1883-1968 (person)

Wheeler, Joseph, 1836-1906 (person)

Confederate and U.S. Army general, and U.S. congressman from Ala. From the description of Letters, 1900-1905. (Filson Historical Society, The). WorldCat record id: 49377355 Confederate general. From the description of Joseph Wheeler photograph album, 1865-1866. (Louisiana State University). WorldCat record id: 241305535 Army officer. From the description of Joseph Wheeler correspondence, 1898-1901. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 70981347 ...